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10th Assembly: Northern Coalition Groups endorses Sen. Bonaventure Osita Izunaso of South East Zone for Senate President

by Mustapha Salisu
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From Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

A coalition of Arewa civil society groups has announced its support for Senator Bonaventure Osita Izunaso as the 10th Senate President from the South East Zone.

The spokesperson of the coalition, Muhammad Aminu Abbas, made the announcement during a press conference held in Kaduna.

The coalition emphasized that zoning the Senate presidency to the South East is crucial to address power exclusion and marginalization.

They expressed concern that the current zoning arrangement released by the national leadership of the APC failed to address the agitation from the South-East.

Citing the need for political stability and democratic consolidation, the coalition highlighted that the South-East has two APC governors, whereas the South-South has only one.

They further pointed out that since 1999, the South-South has produced a Vice-President and President of Nigeria, while the South-East has not. Additionally, the South-South has had two APC National Chairmen, while the South-East has had none.

The coalition believes that having a Senate president from the South East will help alleviate the agitation for secession by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and address the general insecurity in the region.

They argued that Senator Izunaso is the most qualified candidate for the position, given his extensive legislative experience in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as his expertise in various sectors.

The coalition emphasized that by electing Senator Izunaso, the APC can dislodge the influence of Peter Obi and his movement in the South-East, thereby strengthening the party’s foothold in the region. They highlighted the numerical strength of the APC in the South-East and its potential for economic development and independence.

The coalition called on the APC and other elected Senators to support Senator Izunaso’s candidacy. They also expressed their intention to reach out to the forty-one opposition Senators for their support.

In addition, the coalition announced their plan to organize a Juma’at Prayer at the Central Mosque in Abuja in support of Senator Izunaso.

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