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2020 Budget: Gombe govt issue citizens accountability report

by Rabilu Abubakar in Gombe
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By Abubakar Rabilu Gombe

Gombe state government has issued the Citizens’ Accountability Report as part of its audit statement prepared by Final Accounts Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Performing the function at the Secretariat of Gombe Local Government on Tuesday, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance And Economic Development, Mr. Ibrahim Jalo Ali, said government in their wise decision found it necessary to facilitate citizens and engage them for service delivery.

According to him, the accountability report that was issued to citizens by government, so as to give them the opportunity to track government projects meant for their well-being

He said every reasonable citizens had the right to know the activities of government on how expenditure affects their lives.

“This will foster understanding among citizens of how public funds are being utilized,” he said.

The permanent secretary, who did not hide his feelings, gave out aggregate revenue performance that was prepared and approved by the Final Accounts Department on 30 October 2020 to 77 percent budgeted for N126.44 billion in the final budget that was equivalent to N28.928 billion shortfall, both the Federal Account Revenue and Internationally Generated Revenue Performance in the region to 75-80 percent.

He explained that the actual total expenditure was N26.9 b billion that is 25.6 percent less than the budgeted amount, which was N107.6 billion, with a closing balance of N14.8 billion, which was allowed due to the anticipated receipt of state fiscal transparency accountability and sustainability grants in the final month of the year.

Speaking further, the permanent secretary also highlighted on capital expenditure, which he said took the major part of the expenditure shortfall with performance less than 60 percent.

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