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Kebbi@30: The Rise And Rise Of The Land Of Equity Under Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu



Democracy has indeed trudged on in spite of all the odds.This inevitable feat indeed needs no further illustration as the fact is as glaring as it is a reality.Happily, on Friday 27th, August 2021, the people of the Land of Equity, celebrated 30 unbroken years of the creation of the state which was created by the then Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (rtd) on 27th,August,1991, thirty years ago. This day , indeed calls for more praises to the Almighty Allah, to commemorate the epoch – making day .

History was therefore happily recorded on the 27th of August , 1991, when the trail blazer State and the unbeatable pacesetter , the legendary Land Of Equity , Kebbi State was born . It was indeed an epoch-making day to reckon with , worthy of ceaseless emulation . The then Military Head of State , retired General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, aka IBB, was the one who history and posterity would not forget by creating Kebbi State.

Kebbi is a state in north-western Nigeria with its capital at Birnin Kebbi. The state was created out of a part of Sokoto State. Kebbi State is bordered by Sokoto State, Niger State,Zamfara State, Dosso Region in the Republic of Niger and the nation of Benin. It has a total area of 36,800 km2 (14,200 sq mi). The state has since then continued to blossom from strength to strength .

It is noteworthy that , from its creation to date , Kebbi State has continued to rise to fame and greatness , locally and internationally. It has had eight Chief Executives, both democratically elected and Military Administrators . The roll call included the pioneer Military Admministrator of the state, Patrick Aziza, from 28th August, 1991,( a day after the creation of the state), to January ,1992.)

Others in the array of the past leaders of the state were : Abubakar Musa, who was a civilian Governor from January 1992 to November 1993 ( NRC), Salihu Tunde Bello , Military Administrator, between 9th December, 1993 and 22nd August , 1996 , John Uba, Military Administrator, from 22nd August, 1996 to August, 1998, Sama’ila Bature Chamah , Military Administrator, August 1998 to May 1999. He was the one who successfully conducted the maiden sucessful democratic transition from the military to the civilians .

Others were : Senator Adamu Aliero, another democratically elected Governor ( APP, ANPP), from 29th May, 1999 to 29th May, 2007 , Usman Nasamu Saidu Dakingari , another civilian Governor from 29th May 2007 to 29th May, 2015 ( PDP, an acting Governor, Aminu Musa Habib Mega, between 24th February, 2012 to 25th May , 2012 and the incumbent workaholic and the Master Engineer of Kebbi State, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, who was elected as another democratically elected Governor of the state from 29th May, 2015 to date .

It is evidently and tangibly clear that , the state has in the last six years recorded unprecedented myriad of developmental strides under the indefatigable leadership of Senator Bagudu, the Chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum , as well as the Vice Chairman, Nigeria’s invaluable National Food Security Council.

Although Kebbi State has sustained its steady growth and development , from 1991 to date , its however incontestible that , the state has never had it so good like in the past six years and some few months under the leadership of the bulldozer, energetic and patriotic Governor , Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu. The developmental strides of the state know no bounds ,nay in all aspects of human endeavour and all sectors of the economy of the state .

It’s a really a Herculean task to list the intimidating scorecard in a very laconic piece like this one, as such ,one can just generalize and say that , it has been development and development in Kebbi State , from 29th May, 2015, to date and the list is endless . The people of the state are tangibly elated and they never regret entrusting their mandates ( twice), to Bagudu, the Sarkin Noman Nigeria and the pillar of Rural Transformation, quoting Nigeria’s C-In-C, President Muhammadu Buhari.

All the sectors of the economy of Kebbi State have been positively touched and transformed by the prople-oriented administration of Bagudu . Viz: Health , Education , Roads , Security , Infrastructure and other related sectors . However one sector that must be specifically periscoped is the Agricultural sector . Indeed , food security is key to the success of the other sectors. A hungry man , they say, is an angry man . Food is really very important .

One key national project that was launched in the state is the Anchor Borrowers’ Program. ABP for short , has been largely successful in the state and Nigeria , sequel to the dexterity of Bagudu and the unparalleled commitment of his administration to the scheme. It has increased rice production in Kebbi State and Nigeria, in general, leading to the stoppage of the importation of foreign rice.The programme has also provided more employment opportunities to youths and women, among others .

Senator Bagudu has also revolutionized rice farming, as Kebbi’s rice production rose from less than a million tones, to over two million tonnes, within the first two years of inception of the program. Even though ABP is a federal government program, Bagudu gave the desired political muscle and moral support to it, hence it excellently succeeded in the state and eventually enveloping Nigeria.

His unmatched agricultural policies have also brought about the establishment of several ultra modern small, medium and mega rice mills across the state, as well as the mass engagement of the womenfolk into rice processing, as well as the rise of the never unheard of Rice Pyramids across the states, all courtesy of the sagacity , piety and hard work of Governor Bagudu.

In the same vein, Kebbi state has witnessed the establishment of a Tomato Factory in Gafara, Ngaski Local Government. All are private driven as a result of the conducive atmosphere for private sector to flourish in the state. There is also the proposed disbursement of AGMIES loan to 10,000 youths .

Another first, that the land of equity recored under Bagudu was the creation of the Kebbi State online portal for the first time in the history of the state. It is a data bank of information, especially beneficial to our youths. This will afford the opportunity for the youths and unemployed to get more job opportunities at the federal level and the private sectors. The achivements of the “PRINCIPAL AND MASTER STRATEGIST , ” are uncountable , just like the abundant dividends of democracy that he has continued to reel out to the people of the State

Time and space will not be enough to reel out all the positive developmental strides of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu in physical and human development in Kebbi State . However , some of the myriads of these records of achievements have been summerised .

These include; successful and uncomplicated CS deliveries for post repaired clients in VVF Centres in the State were carried out to hundreds of clients, the state VVF Centre has been made one out of three that constantly offer routine repair services in the country, Community mobilisation and stakeholder advocacy in the state has educated significant number of women and families on VVF cases, introduced a cooperative society for repaired clients for self-reliance and prepare clients for self reliance and proper management of equipment given to discharged patients by State Government .

Giving the communities maternal and child health support,training of child protection officers in the state to support people with special needs, Procurement of psychiatric and non-psychiatric drugs, supply of mattress, renovation of administrative block, pit latrine at the Jega Psychiatric Centre, Construction of mini stadium at Zuguru, Revival of Kebbi United football club, Revival of schools sports, Sponsorship of clubs from the state to participate in the National Sports festival, National League games, National Division II and National Division III play off,Sponsorship of the state football Association to participate in the Under 17 Football Tournament in Kano as well as the state chapter of the Nigerian referees to fitness test and the promotion examinations in Abuja and Kaduna.

Others are, Support of the state contingent to feature in the under 13 and under 15 selection competitions organized by the NFF in collaboration with the Northwest Zone and the National Sports Commission, Abuja, provision of vocational and technical skills for the youth to be self-reliant,Soft Loans for the fish farmers and sellers, Soft Loans for members of the road transport workers and owners unions,Vegetable sellers and Second hand cloths sellers

Under road construction, there are the construction of Bubuche – Bayawa Road, Construction of Augie -Zagi Border Road, Extension of Augie Zagie-Sokoto Border Road(1.0km) and Erosion Control, Repairs of Bridge Deck along Ka’oje –Illo Road, Construction of Kaoje-Lafagu including kaoje Township Roads,Erosion Problem Along Kende-Zagga Road At Ratse Village, Rehabilitation of Ka’oje-ILLO Road,Construction of Access Road and Drainages at Zariyar- Kalakala,Construction of Roads and Drainages at Adamu Aliero Housing Estate, Construction of Roads and Drainages at Bayan Kara Area, Construction of Access Roads and Drainage within Mechanic Village B/Kebbi, Construction of Access Roads and Outfall drainage at T/Wada Area, Construction of Out fall Drain at Aliero Quarters, Rehabilitation of Ahmadu Bello Way B/Kebbi, Construction of Access Roads and Drainages at Shagari Quarters, B/Kebbi .

The construction of Access Roads and Drainages at Sabon Garin Gwadangaji,Construction of Access Roads and Drainage System at Makerar Gandu Area, Construction of Access Roads to Dr. Amina Government Girls College B/Kebbi, Construction of Access Roads for New Layout behind Dr. Amina Govt. Girls College, Rehabilitation of Road at GRA Opposite Access Bank, Construction of Badariya- Kola-Zuguru Road, Construction of Fillin Sarki – Nepa Juction Road Tudun Wada, Construction of Out fall Drainage at Tudun Wada, Construction of Access Roads & Drainage System, at Kofar kola – Gamagira-Kofar Dindi-Old Prison, Rehabilitation of Rima round about,Old Bank Road, Rehabilitation of Makama Road, Construction of Access Roads and Drainages in Kola Town .

Desilting of Dukku River, Rehabilitation of five Round A-bouts in Kebbi State, Construction of Access roads and Side Drains at Tsohon Gari and Gwadangwaji, Construction of Washed out Embankment and Additional Box Culvert(2.0 x2.0) at Alfagai,
Construction of Access Roads and Drainage System in Ambursa town (2.35 km), Erosion Control in Bunza, Emergency repairs of 2NO Bridges at Baban Jori Giede -Baba – Dan Yaku villages, Construction of Bunza- Gwade-Damana Road Rehabilitation of Bridge a long Bunza – D/Gari Road, Construction of Kamba –Dolekaina Road, Construction of Dolekaina-Buma –Tungar Rafi Road, Rehabilitation of Ribah- Maga Road, Rehabilitation of Ribah-Wasagu-Bena Road, Construction of Falale – Barama- Badariya-Argungu Bye Pass Road in Cluding 1 NO. 2 Span Bridge,Construction of Jega Township Road (From Police Station,Yauri Road -Mal. Abbas House), Construction of Inwala –Dunbegu, Construction of Aliero -Gehuru Road, Construction of 1. 2 km Access Road and Drainage system from Filin Idi.

The rest are , Koko/yauri Road in Jega town, Construction of Maiyama – Katanga Road, Jega Motor Park-Nassarawa-Kyarmi, Road Construction of Kalgo Township Roads, Koko Township Roads construction , Construction of Besse -Samanaji Road , Construction of Maiyama & SambawaTown ship Roads,Rehabilitation of Malando – Ngaski -Warah Road. Construction of Dirin Daji Township Roads, Construction of Dirin daji-Dankolo-Sakaba Road, Repairs of flood damage at Giro Bridge along Suru Giro Road 4 Cells 3×3 Box Along Shema – Bakoshi – Matankari and Road Rehabilitation of Suru –Kwaifa – Giro Junction Road, the list is on and on.

Happy Birthday Kebbi State,
Long Live Kebbi State and
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria .

Special Adviser (SA) Media to Kebbi State Governor.

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The heat is on, the daggers are drawn




By Adamu Aminu.

Sequel to the petition lodged in by the seven Kano, APC stakeholders led by Senator Malam Ibrahim Shekarau [Kano North] to the national headquarters to investigates the state party on what they termed as leadership failure to carry all the divergent interests along.

As contained in the 7-man undersigned petition letter sent to the national headquarter, the embattled stakeholders cried out in a foul manner of what they called empirical, underhanded, ingenuity of marginalization from all party affairs.

The stance taken by the stakeholders [breakaway members] has brewed resentments and nailed them to the cross of party outrage, to the extent of branding them with a new sobriquet as “Banza literally Bakwai” literally means as “7 inglorious bastards”

Well, this kind of political tug-of-war isn’t peculiar to the Nigerian model of politics.

A politics in Nigerian usage is publicly known not only as a game of numbers where those the majority emerges victorious, but also a game of survival, rivalry, mistrust, backstabbing, seeking for supremacy and craving for power at any cost.

This at a swords points rivalry within or among the opposition parties usually emanates as the clock commences ticking fast to the days of general elections.

The time when the incumbent power holders blindly scrambles for seamless relevance to keep one’s afloat within the fortress of power, in fear of being dumped, mired deeply under the dustbin of political irrelevancy.

While the aspiring ones will be striving to grasp the mandate at any cost – for a reason – to get a sense of bonafide citizenship within the ranks of frontline beneficiaries.

Therefore, since the party Congress is closely around the corner, the daggers are brought out of their sheath, the demarcated line is drawn.

Some questions need to be asked as follows;

a. What is the status of the embattled members who lodged in pa petition to the APC national headquarter?

b. What’s their political future if they didn’t or not allow to partake in the state party Congress?

c. What are the measures taken by the party national headquarters towards reconciliation of the breakaway members and the Kano state APC?

d. If none of the above questions was affirmative, what would be the future of APC in Kano in the forthcoming general elections?

Does it mean the two Senators and couples of the house of representatives members haves or haven’t a role to play in the bid for APC in Kano emerge successfully in the 2023 elections?

Whatever the case may be, time always came along with fair judgement.

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Muhammad Usman: The Change Maker




My name is Muhammad Usman, I am 17 years old and lives in Kano State. I am a Child Right Advocate, Poet, Youngest Humanitarian, Researcher,Sidra Bangladesh Ambassador in Nigeria.
My passion to humanity is driven by the menaces that Almajiri children/ Orphans encounter in life such as lack of access to education, health amenities and social welfare.

I remember when I was 12years old I always used to ask my parents about almajiri children and street children who live in my community. Some of them were my age mates while some are below my age. I always think of there future and the hardship they may encounter in their life.

I have started thinking of the ways through which I will contribute to the betterment of Almajiri children/street orphans.

In 2019 I have organized an enlightenment program with the title “Almajiri Is Also A Child” the program is aim at sensitizing people about the important of helping almajiri child and ways through which we can aid in reforming the system.

In my effort to contribute and motivate young people like me I also introduce an initiative in my school which actualized through working of enlightening and inspiring students.

Moreover, i was able to impact lives especially Almajiri children through feeding projects and education programmes. My program title “Almajiri Iftar Food”
was among the huge program that impacts 500+ almajiri’s here in Kano state.

In 28/3/2020 I realized that I can’t make change along or impact the lives of less fortunate I have to partner with some young people that have the zeal to contribute to this goal. So, I form a charity organization
called “Young Developers Foundation” this is a charity foundation that aid in helping and reviving the lives of Almajiris and Street Orphans.we are eligible to lunch a lot of projects which include: Orphans Skill Acquisition Program, Recap On Your Future Skills and many more projects.

Lack of support from some of some of my family relatives.
Misunderstanding From Close Friends: some of my classmates and close friends are misunderstanding my aim in serving humanity. most of them believe that I just want to get fame on media and be proud of.
These and many more are some challenges that I faced in humanitarian work but one thing that always inspired me is my parents support me 100%.

Social Media Manager @ World Voice International.
Campus Ambassador @ IMUN (4weeks internship).
Certificate Of Completion On Employee Stress And Wellbeing online course by UK SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.
Certificate On Media Journalism By Reuters.
Certificate Of Appreciation By Sidra Bangladesh.
Ambassadorship From Sidra Bangladesh.
Certicate On Critical Thinking By Educlick.
Certificate Of Completion On Business Innovation From Jobber man.
Critical Thinking Skills
Leadership Skill
Presentation Skill
Being in activism field has made me sharpen and broading my knowledge in different field.
When I feel like giving up I used to tell my mind this quote ” I can do spirit” it always ginger my mind.

I praise on my efforts, i believe that what I am doing people who are 20 years older than me can’t push themselves to do. i inconvenience myself and the several “enjoyments” youths of my age should validly be embracing.
I have amazing plan’s that I think when used will accelerate a progress to the development of my nation but sometimes when I came up of those ideas I get discouraged because the authorities that are capable of implementing such stuffs did not respond to me. just recently I have this idea of creating a software which will enhance the smooth running of many business ventures in Kano state but I wasn’t giving the right opportunity to build up the idea.

In a nutshell, this how I run my life and this is level of success that I have gotten.

Protecting the right of children and humanitarian work is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if need be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

©Muhammad Usman

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Roses tinted promises, hard-hitting realities




By Adamu Aminu.

The time crept so past. What’s is done, has been done. Six years out of eight is enough for the discerning to make a fair judgement.

Those who have confidence in the leadership capabilities of the present crop of leaders have many reasons to rejoiced.

While those who felt disappointed by how the polity is moulded and shapes to the likes of a few have many justifications to cry and writhing.

To the few, running an affluent living on the power corridor have every reason to think, perhaps in a self-deceptive mode, they are the luckiest and the national resources is their patrimony.

In the polity where national resources are scoops deeply by few with Caterpillar shovel and give superficially to the malnourished populace with a teaspoon.

While the majority, the sidelined, the downtrodden and the masses wallowing in penury and tribulations, which attested that commoners were not less than subservient to the dominance of the few.

Some of the key promises made by the gap-toothed leader during the last campaign to the victory include insecurity, unemployment, economic recovery, inflation and fighting corruption from stem to stern, among others.

The question is which one among the aforementioned challenges brought down to its knees within these years?

Down to the state level, most of the pledges and promises made during electioneering campaigns, are seemingly sugar-coated and merely lips-serviced.

Despite all the proclamation of resuscitation of education and health care system, none of them patronizing public schools or hospitals within their states.

Wards enrollment in foreign universities and also going for health tourism to cure even for a mild infection is what’s all about.

Where are the promises being made to improve education and healthcare that will cater for all and sundry?

Of course, the return of President Buhari in 2015 sends jittery down the spine of political pirates, which is reminiscent of his hardline brand of governance in a short-lived 20-month of his military administration.

Which indicated the Messiah has returned to salvage the nation – as he was previously seen and thought like a Tiger, feared for his nigritude in past.

But now seen as a scarecrow – frightening from afar, but harmless at the close range, just for his timidity and indolence when it comes to stamped his hammer at the appropriate time for the misdeeds.

Despite the foregoing, President Buhari still holds the trophy for being a man with integrity and transparency, who is universally known for not upholding the tenets of thievery from the public coffers.

With all the pledges he made to fight corruption in all its ramifications, but his party has glaringly become a haven for those who are overtly ambitious to elevate their self-worth.

This happens at a time, the common man is grappling to survive in a nation sandwiched between economic depressions fuelled by a deluge of debts, currency devaluation, unemployment, hyperinflation and insecurities.

Inarguably, the pledges made to deal with the scorching waves of terrorism and other forms of insecurity were at the top of the scale of preference during the electioneering campaign.

Even though the attacks were relatively subdued, but later catapulted to armed banditry in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Niger, Katsina and Kaduna states respectively.

This has turned out to be carnage In the affected states in which dozens of people are massacre, hundreds fleeing their homestead almost daily.

While in the Southeast heightening fears resulted from security breaches from militias in were treated with a pinch of laxity.

What would be the hopes of the people from the arm-bandits riddle states, with regards to the promises to safeguards their lives and properties?

At the time, when a high-profile, glitz and glamour wedding of first Son and Bichi Princess took place in Kano, without considering to make the event low-key to mourned the innocent souls massacre by bandits.

What does that portray in the minds of the surviving victims who will think that this happened under the government of their dreamt Messiah? promises to protect their lives and properties?

And apart from that, even to revamp the economy as vigorously pledged with punching-fisted in the air during the campaign is now appears to be a mirage.

People should forget and look ahead. What wasn’t achievable in six years, can’t be achieved in less than a couple of years to come.

To be truthful, the hard-hitting reality is the majority of Nigerians are in severe poverty due to a malnourished, ailing economy.

Anyway, all that’s done has been done. Thanking God for what one’s have is the viable option, and is much better than groaning for what one’s longing for.

But, People are fed up with the brim of penury.

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