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Taliban Seeks International Recognition



Kabul, Afghanistan – Months after the power transition that took place in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been on a desperate quest to have its Islamic Emirate recognised by internationally bodies.

Although Taliban’s attempts were reported to have bear no fruit, they want to the official government of Afghanistan.

It is not from lack of effort, though, the group’s leadership has been busy. It has been meeting with officials from the United Nations, who assured the Taliban last month that the body will continue its assistance programmes in the country.

Aljazeera English News, reports that the UN turned down the Taliban’s request to have its chosen envoy address the General Assembly.

The group has also met with representatives from the United Kingdom, who pushed them on ensuring that British nationals are allowed to leave the country. The UK also raised the issue of women’s rights in meetings with Taliban representatives.

The Taliban leadership, including figures appearing on international terror lists, also made sure to be present when aid shipments from Qatar, China, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Uzbekistan arrived at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

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