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CITAD Covid-19 vaccine champions urge mass public Enlightenment in Northern Nigeria



The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with support from MacArthur Foundation organized a two-day training workshop for eighteen COVID-19 Vaccine Champions selected from Plateau, Bauchi, Borno, Kogi, Kaduna and Kano states.

This was issued in a communique signed by Hamza Ibrahim after the The training was held on 13th and 14th of December, 2021 in Kano state.

the training aimed was to enlighten the public on COVID-19 vaccine Acceptance and counter fake narratives and misconceptions around the virus and its vaccine.

Added that, Some of the areas the participants were trained on is including the Understanding of COVID-19 Pandemic: National and Global Perspectives, Understanding Fake Narratives around COVID-19, Social Media-Based Campaign: Deploying the Right Tools, Understanding the Functions and Variations of the Vaccines, Crafting the Message, Understanding Vaccine Safety and Efficacy, Monitoring and Countering Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News around Vaccines, How Best to Counter Misconceptions around COVID: Leveraging the Medical Justifications.

However, the training showcase the numerous hindrances to COVID-19 vaccine administration in northern Nigeria were generated and deliberated upon. Prominent among the hindrances and challenges highlighted as stated as follows:

1. Low of awareness on the COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and safety

2. Lack of information on COVID-19 vaccine accessibility

3.Misconception on fear of adverse effects related to the vaccine

4.Circulation of fake narratives around COVID-19 and the vaccine

5. Lack of trust between the Government and the citizenry.

6.Limited information on the different types of vaccine and their functions.

7. People’s negative perception on the COVID-19 vaccine

In order to address the challenges and hindrances to COVID-19 administration in northern Nigeria and ensure uptake of the virus, the umbrella of the COVID-19 Vaccine Champions recommends the following:

furthermore, massive public enlightenment on the environment, Provision of sufficient
information on vaccine administration spots

2.Use of local language in enlightening the public on the vaccine

4. Door to door campaigns to sensitize individuals at grassroot levels

5. Public awareness campaign through all forms of media

6. Educating the public on fake narratives about the vaccine

7.Countering social media-based misconceptions on COIVD and the vaccine

8.Engaging stakeholders on sensitization at various levels using different approaches


COVID-19 vaccine is real. Doubts and fake news being circulated on the vaccine can only increase infections and worsen situation. We therefore want to end by kindly advising people who are yet to take vaccine to go and get vaccinated as getting vaccinated is a step towards staying safe.

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