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Insecurity: Qadiriyya Sect Leader links situation to sins and corruption among Nigerians



The Leader of the Qadiriyya Sect, Sheikh Qaribullah Nasiru Kabara has described the unfortunate state of insecurity as resulting from the indifference of people about committing sins and acts of corruption.

The Islamic cleric who called on Nigerians to repent and seek help from Allah as the sure way out of the situation stated this while delivering an address at a special prayer session against insecurity organised by the sect on Sunday in Kano.

He called on the people to ensure that they always do the right thing whenever they are placed in position to seek the pleasure of God the Creator.

He explained that whenever there is any calamity, even in the past, the Islamic religion has encouraged performance of special prayers and intensifying of prayers as individuals.

“Their is a problem in the way we are relating with God Almighty and we have to correct that. We have to always adopt the right things in whatever capacity we find ourselves.

“We should all wholeheartedly repent and seek forgiveness from fro Allah for our weaknesses on daily bases while we also eulogize the Prophet Muhammad and his holy progeny.

“The prayers we have performed against the acts of insecurity bedeviling the nation here today should be extended to all our homes, relations, mosques and Islamic centres, let everyone engage in this prayers daily” the revered cleric appealed.

The prayer session was attended by thousands of worshipers with some coming from Jigawa, Gombe, Katsina and other states.

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