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PMB: Thank You For Turning The Troops And May Be The Tucano On Turji



By Bala Ibrahim.

The yuletide season is here and our Christian friends are warming up for the Christmas with excitement. But the excitement for that celebration was hitherto non existent to those who happen to live around Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Niger and Katsina States, because they have long been declared as the major theatres in the northern part of Nigeria, that are bedeviled by a series of bandit attacks.

This article would center on the efforts put in place to reverse the trend of events in those areas, with the hope of making them feel equally happy or even happier than you and me. But in doing that, the author would give praises to President Muhammadu Buhari, the man that has sworn not to handover a failed Nigeria to his successor.

So please discontinue reading, if you have a reversed ambition.

Many towns and villages, particularly in Isa local government area of Zamfara state, the hideout of notorious Turji, the commander in chief of the bandits, are frequently featuring as the hell everyone is running away from, because of the fear of Turji.

From his hiding place, which varies from place to place in the entire north west axis, Turji “was” reportedly wreaking havoc on innocent people, whom he tax or kill at will, depending on his insensitive instinct, or the speed with which the victim or victims comply with his cruel command.

I put WAS in inverted commas because, pursuant to PMB’s resolve to eliminate the bandits, through military might and the firmness of purpose, since the infamous carnage, wherein 42 people were gruesomely killed and roasted in Sokoto recently, the military operations in the area went into an overdrive, and the results coming out now are extremely encouraging.

Those with the reverse ambition for the success of our military, and by extension the fulfilment of the President’s mission to end the insurgency in Nigeria, would not want to hear this, but unfortunately, it’s nothing but the account of the people of the area.

Eye witnesses account from the area are consistently painting the pictures of humiliation for the brigands, as the military is inflicting severe pains on the bandits, whose hideouts have been visited by calculated catastrophe, making them have a feel of similar or even more severe suffering they were passing on the people. Indeed the people are happy and jubilating in support of the military punishment.

Thanks to PMB, for turning the troops, and may be the Tucano on Turji.

On the account of one comrade Namanga Shinkafi, a resident of the area, whose audio is viral on the social media, the merciless measures on the part of the Nigerian military in raiding the bandits hideouts, is attributed to PMB’s will to obliterate them, alongside the courage and determination of the Governor of Zamfara state, Mohammed Bello Matawalle, to see to the liberation of his people. Also, the use of fighter jets on the bandits, which has been initiated for terrorists, is another likely reason for such a success.

Thanks to PMB, for turning the troops, and may be the Tucano on Turji.

Before the comments of comrade Namanga, another audio emerged from the area, with the voice of a jubilant resident on the phone with one Hajiya, excitedly expressing great happiness and triumph for the troops, whom he said have overwhelmed the area, and with every passing hour, there is increase in the chances of completely eliminating the bandits quicker than anticipated. The excited resident is describing the destruction and degradation of the bandits and their enclave as a near holocaust.

Thanks to PMB, for turning the troops and may be the Tucano on Turji.

The Nigerian Air Force had in July taken delivery of the first batch of six A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from the United States. The fighter jets and the intense attack on the ground by the large numbers of gallant soldiers deployed, are making it easy for them to treat the newly branded terrorists in the language of their culture.

It may be recalled that, using amongst others, their mouth piece, who happens to be a Muslim cleric from the area but based in Kaduna, the complete opposite of his late father, the bandits have lobbied the West and campaigned against branding them terrorists, in other to avoid the use of excessive force. But the federal government of Nigeria refused to give in to such shenanigans. They pushed and pressed, until recently, the court declared these groups of bandits as terrorists.

Thanks to PMB, for turning the troops, and may be the Tucano on Turji, by invading and raiding the hideouts of the terrorists with soldiers, killing a good number of them, injuring many others, and ensuring that there are no escape route for them.

Those familiar with the Tucano say it has the capacity to support flight and combat training, close air support operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, armed over-watch, counterinsurgency and irregular warfare missions. And almost all of these, have been okayed to be used on the bandits, sorry terrorists, with special attention to the capture of Turji.

Yes, Thanks to PMB, for turning the troops, and may be the Tucano on Turji.

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