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Engr. Arzai: As Service to humanity Beckons



By Abdulrashid Abdullahi, Kano

Since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999,Youths in Nigeria has not seen and have enough of their members in the decision making both at the Federal and State Governments level. They have been reduced to mere erand boys of the Political elites who later abandoned them in getting to office with the congnizence of these helpless Youths.

It is on the light of the above ,I deem it fit that the campaign of the Nigerian Youths verge of advancing their course through leadership positions will be started from Kano State. We have in a Kano ,a very energetic and enthusiastic young passionate Nigerian who has given it all for the teaming Youths in Dala Local Government and the State in particular towards improving the lives of the downtrodden through humanitarian services.

The youths has the number and energy to take over power from the helpless ageing leaders who seem helpless in the face of the current happenings in Northern Nigeria and the country at large.We present to you one who stand among to many of his contemporaries in championing the course of women and the Youths population through empowerment programs, Securing employment opportunities and provision of Scholarships to the young generation aim at building the a better future for the most neglected most important part of human population.

The American/German poet and novelist Charles Bukowsky said, “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wise people so full of doubts.

In Nigeria today, we cannot deny the fact that the confidence of the few incompetent Nigerians has triumphed over the intelligent ones.The sad reality of Nigerian politics indubitably portrays a system that is under siege by the actions, inactions and reactions of the ageing political drivers. They have taken over both the law making and implementation of all government policies that have failed to drive the country forward to the extent of failing woefully of their primary responsibilities of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians.

Lack of active Youths participation in Politics in Nigeria has continued to undermine the capacity of most of our teaming Young People especially in Nigeria current democracy. Young People has been denied access to the corridors of power since the return of the fourth Republic in 1999 despite significant roles they played in Government and Governance of Nigeria.

This article is aim at presenting a new face of Nigerian youth in governance, Mr productivity and a face of excellence in leadership.Engineer Mujaheed Ibrahim Arzai is a young Nigerian that has continued to demonstrate high level of capacity in his immediate Constituency of Dala, Kano State and the country at large.A consummate business man at his tender age,A university graduate and a young Season politician with a very rich experience change the course of a better Dala Federal Constituency if given the opportunity.

One unique and special qualities this young man has been presenting to the good people of Dala Federal Constituency and Kano State is his ability to shoulder the responsibilities of vulnerable through his empowerment programs.The Nigerian youths for decades have been living in isolation, making it practically impossible for them to key into Nigerian politics and take over power. It is high time that the Advocacy of making Nigeria great again take its terrain from Dala Federal Constituency come 2023.

We need a lion with a good heart to lead Dala Federal Constituency of Kano State to reshape the perception of the Youths in Nigeria.We have all it takes to go back the glory days when Gowon, Murtala, Buhari and IBB served Nigeria at their mid 30s.This is achievable only if the youths has realise their potentials and aspirations towards making their country a better place and a home for all where the decisions of Government are on our shoulders.

He is a devout Muslim and a humble personality too commited to the practice of his faith and service to humanity. He is a responsible family man, married and blessed with a handsome son.
He studied Petrochemical Engineering
University of Calgary,Canada and holds
ME. ngr. Shipping Engineering from the same University. On July 1993 ,Dala and Kano was blessed with this charming and young Philanthropist. As an Engineer, Successful entrepreneur and now politician who constested to Represents the good people of Dala Federal Constituency though he lost yet since then he has Secured Federal Appointments to young graduates in his Constituency in different MDAs including FIRS and National Assembly Commission.

Nigeria can only be a better place if the Youths population are given the opportunity to actively participate in government to take decision in the overall interest of the majority. It is on this note that we Penciled down this young Engineer Arzai to champion the course of Making the Nigerian Youths more relevant in the Politics of Nigeria as member of house of Representatives come 2023 National elections.

The young Mujaheed Arzai is a philanthropist having over the years volunteer to pay for Jamb and waec for secondary school students all in his efforts to encourage the youths of his Constituency. He has piloted admissions with Scholarships for some Youths to study in Nile University Abuja as well as Uganda Universities respectively and to many of gestures to his name.
He has trained Youths and provide start up
Business Capital for some youths in his constituency of Dala in Kano State.

This tell us in brief the untold story of a young Nigerian who in his mid 30s has done more than enough to won for himself the confidence of his fellow contemporaries beyond his immediate community,his Local Government (Dala) and his State of Kano. He is has been in the forefront of the Nigerian politics and the need to support his emergence as the Member to Represent the good people of Dala Federal Constituency is now a National discourse.

As an Engineer, Successful entrepreneur and now politician, Engr. Arzai own two multimillion Naira companies ArzaiTech System Ltd. A company which is solely in to real Estate, town planning, Rural and Urban Development, road construction, supply, and importation of building and construction materials among others. And also ArzaiTech Petrochemicals Ltd. A company which is into domestic supply of oil and Gas and aswell import and export of oil and gas.As the MD/CEO of these companies certainly he has all the requisite experience and knowledge towards responding to the plight of the good people of Dala Federal Constituency if he is elected member federal House of Representatives.

As part of social responsibility programs of ArzaiTech Ltd, he has also through experts trained Youths, both male and female in the areas of Tailoring, catering, poultry, fish farming, computer operation and repair, mobile phones repairs, Internet services providers, food processing, among others and provide start up Business Capital for the smooth take off of the businesses. All these was carried out within his inmediate Constituency. It is in the light of the these and to many to mention earned him an award of Excellence from “Arewa Youth for Peace and Unity Advocate Initiative find Engr. Arzai Worthy of an award of “the Face of Hope for Northern Youth”.

He is all what the good people of Dala Federal Constituency may urgently need considering the current happenings where youths are not recognise beyond PAs and Social Media handlers to our Political elites. We are confident that Engineer Mujaheed Ibrahim Arzai will change the plight of Politics in Nigeria as his gestures outside Government earned him respect money cannot buy . He is written his name with gold pen in the wall of the People of Dala and Kano State in Particular. The need to support his emergence as the next member House of Representatives is an unarguable discourse in changing the narratives.

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