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Governor Ganduje’s Efforts towards ZERO Covid-19 infection in Kano State



Abbati Bako

The world is facing serious challenges of Covid-19 pandemic affecting all continents of the world. The mutation of the virus that arose some weeks ago from South Africa (from Delta to Omicron) has spread to all over the world. From Capetown to Algiers, Lagos to
New York, Auckland to Alaska and from Jeddah to Beijing in China.

The world has been experiencing similar pandemics that are killing millions of people all over the World. But kudos to the global scientists that are making efforts to create vaccines and drugs to tackle the global pandemic. Had it not been for the invention of cholera vaccine, small pox, polio, measles and drugs such as procaine penicillin, flagyl and possibly soaps for washing hands and general cleansing of the body and clothes; the population of the world would have been a different story especially in South- South nations.

The world leaders are putting in efforts to ensure the eradication of Covid-19 pandemic in all countries of the world. The Globalization Policy has changed how this world is governed. In the early 1970s the world population was around 3B but by 2012 it reached about 7B plus, but today the United Nations (UN) projection indicates that the global population is about 7.8B and before the year 2050 the world population may reach 10B. Nigeria’s population may reach around 400m and before the end of the 21st century may reach 800m that is to be the third largest population and both India and China maybe first and second populous nations.

Two days ago more than 2000 people were affected by the Omicron Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria. Lagos and Abuja had the lion share that the infection affected hundreds of people luckily enough, the Omicron Covid-19 affected only 13 people in Kano State and there have been no deaths. The measures taken by the Government of Kano State on enlightening the people of the State is commendable. The Governor of Kano State has been applying “Strategic Measures” to ensure that the people of Kano State are safe and heading towards ZERO Covid-19 pandemic in the State. Kudos to the Governor Dr. Ganduje (OFR) and his healthcare team for their tireless efforts to reduce the pandemic to a minimum. The Governors in Nigeria should consult the Governor of Kano State for his successes in tackling security challenges and the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to HE Ganduje and may Allah (SWT) reward him greatly.

Dr. Abbati Bako,psc,bsis, Special Adviser to the Governor of Kano State on Public Affairs

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