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2021: 5 Reasons Why Barr Inuwa Waya Leads In Kano Political Space



Beautiful child upbringing, they say, is what develops good character in a man – and it is by commutativity what makes the same man be chosen and accepted by all.

Barrister Inuwa Ibrahim Waya, a well trained and experienced legal practitioner as well as ex-public servant, (now a politician), has displayed lots of excellent attributes of a great captain to the entire citizens of Kano state.

Wonderful Waya, has during his stay at NNPC been proffering positive solutions to multiple youths – as part of his ‘giving back to the society’ gesture, especially in terms of jobs creation and empowerment in Kano.

2020 and 2021 have so far been the most challenging years in the history of the world, as it’s ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the economic downslide, businesses meltdown as well as pockets paucity.

But Waya, unlike others, refused to dance to Satan’s tune or turn back against people’s needs, instead, he listened and supported them – hence why he earned an unmatched popularity and trust from people in the entire Kano political space.

Everything cannot be said or done about Waya’s impact on people…but to God be the Glory, he’s now believed to be one of the most important political giants in Kano. Thus, Prime Time News’ Editor’s Desk ruled that 2021 must be very kind to him.

This desk, after series of scrutiny and checkups, has found Barrister Inuwa Waya worthy to be given the award of “Kano’s Most Principled and Popular Politician of the Year” as this will undoubtedly harden his ambition to clinch the governorship position – and to help other politicians follow his footprint.

As a backup, this desk hath crowdsourced some prime tips and concrete examples of politicians in Kano through gathering response and views of the citizens as well as many events speeches of the said Waya  —  the outcome appeared to be in favour of him.

By listing them, this desk is not saying Waya is the ‘only’ perfect amongst them – but strictly because of what he has so far displayed as a leader. This assessment is built and grounded in truth.

Kano politics is known to be the most trickiest politics in Nigeria – and that ‘often’ makes it controversial and slippery object to hold I’m palm. The state is massive and full of ardent supporting subjects, once their principal is able to lead himself in words and works. Barrister Inuwa Ibrahim Waya has luckily exhibited his quality to the public.

He represented NNPC in EXXON Mobil at United Kingdom for many years, served in Nigeria as a team leader for decades – and it’s revealed that he has never failed in showing excellent executive function skills. He has a very good memory, impulse control, planning, problem-solving, time awareness, and overall mental flexibility.

John C. Maxwell says “leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Waya is that person who not only match the above corollary to knowing, going or showing the way; he is capable of creating multiple wonderful ways also.

Waya will hardly be heard on any medium, opposing or throwing bitter words against anyone like other non-professional politicians. He, instead, focus on his strategy to win the position and train his followers on good morals attitudes.

People who leads others at different places and times successfully, are often those who have a vast experience in the business – and will not be silenced when they realized that something is going wrong somewhere. Waya is believed to be the ‘lone’ hypothetical governor of high refute and strong enough to make decisions and know the limits of their expertise and knowledge.

American professors Jacqueline and Milton Mayfield have once conducted a research on effective leadership communication. The Mayfields’ research-based model highlights “direction-giving,” “meaning-making,” and “empathy” as the three key things leaders must address to motivate followers to give their best.

Barrister Inuwa Ibrahim Waya has not only been giving these ‘three key things’ to his followers, but also counsel them to be professionals in excellent communication — and well mannered associates.

Although Kano is not battling with insecurity like other states in the north, its closeness with some security prone areas has gradually dragged and downsized the economic stability of the state – hence the cries and screams of hundreds of thousands of business holders doubled.

Waya has in different occasions been showing concern in this regard – and has launched series of empowerment to the affected traders in different markets across the state. He feels and share ‘almost’ the same pain(s) as they do.

Indeed, there are many more tips, lessons to learn about Inuwa Ibrahim Waya’s lifestyle – and leadership professionalism…which according to the desk’s findings has outshined ‘almost’ every political giant in Kano this year.

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