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Groups Seek Pragmatic Leadership for Nigeria Come 2023



The Atiku Kawai Media Group has urged Nigerians to vote for leaders that will ensure unity and progress in the country come 2023.

The advice was contained in a New Year message issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Abdurrahman Suleiman, where the organisation noted that insecurity and falling living standards were some of the challenges facing Nigeria.

It said: “But we should know that trials and tribulations come and go.

“We appeal to the government to curb insecurity, ameliorate poverty and other socioeconomic contradictions bedevilling the Nigerian polity and also provide an enabling environment for national development.

“As we enter the penultimate year of the next general elections, we should be ready to exercise our franchise and elect the right leadership that will ensure unity and progression.

Let’s continue to live in peace and harmony as one indivisible entity irrespective of diverse backgrounds.”

ALSO, the North Central Nigeria for Good Governance (NCNGG), yesterday, backed ex-Senate President Bukola Saraki for the 2023 presidential race.

Led by Fagbemi Taofeek, the body said five unique attributes stand Saraki out for the exalted office.

The coordinator observed that the former Kwara State governor “is combining executive experience with legislative understanding.”

At a press briefing yesterday in Ilorin, Taofeek urged proactive Nigerians to start rooting for the politician to take Nigeria to its Eldorado.

The Ijumu, Kogi State native stated: “Two major issues are giving Nigerians problems today. Religious and ethnic bigotry. This enigmatic politician from Ilorin has both Fulani and Yoruba identities. Remember that his wife is from Lagos State. His major friends are from Niger Delta and the East. He will not over-concentrate attention on Kwara alone or the North Central zone to the exclusion of other Nigerians.”

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