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Patriotism is the answer to Nigerian insecurity – Expert



A Civil Society Organization operator, Musa Abdullahi Sufi has provided solutions to decade-long insecurity in Nigeria.

Sufi, who is the Director, Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo Foundation, said Nigerian government must rise up to revive the culture of patriotism in the minds of the citizens for peace to reign again in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Prime Time News on Thursday, Sufi noted that if citizens are patriotic, there is no way they would engage in acts that would destabilize their mother land.

According to him, the government should be up and doing to re-inculcate the culture of patriotism in the minds of the citizens, adding that the sense of love to the country would play a big role in stopping the people from perpetrating insecurity.

“For instance, not every office that has Nigerian flag. That sense of patriotism is no more in Nigeria, that is why we are witnessing this insecurity.

“If the citizens still hold that sense of love for the country, there is no way they would engage in such acts capable of destabilising the peace and stability of the country,” said Sufi.

The Director also noted that community must also play a role in fighting insecurity in Nigeria.

According to him, community is the most important agent of intelligence where the people support the security in the fight against insecurity with meaningful information.

“Parents also have role to play in the fight against insecurity by giving their children a good upbringing. If children are getting a good care from their parents, being enrolled in school and getting essential needs from their parents, they would be of good behaviors and productive when they grow up,” said Sufi.

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