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APC stalwarts decry use of siren by politicians in Kano



Residents of Kano State, especially in the metropolis have decried the excessive use of sirens by politicians, who are mostly causing gridlock on the main roads in the city.

The politicians are competing with Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s convoy.

The politicians, especially those vying for governorship, presumably consider themselves as potential governors of the state, that is why they engage in using long convoys with sirens as they move around the city.

The politician’s convoy depicts that of the executive governor, using pilot, press crew and ambulance vehicles.

Also, the politicians move with armed security personnel to give them cover as they move around the metropolis and even beyond.

Checks by this newspaper revealed that these acts by the politicians are considered to be an affront to the office of the Executive Governor.

Some residents of the state expressed displeasure with the manner of the politicians to use sirens, accusing them of causing nuisance  in the city.

Abdullahi Adamu, a staunch supporter of APC, has drawn the attention of Governor Ganduje to as a matter of urgency stop the politicians from using sirens and a long motorcade.

“politicians are using an even longer convoy than that of the governor, which to me, is undemocratic and affront to the office of the Executive Governor.

“These people also cause traffic gridlock along our roads by using the armed security men on their convoy to pave way for them to pass at every traffic junction.

“How would a politician, that is not holding a public office, be allowed to be using a long convoy with complete structure similar to that of the executive governor. Let me tell you that even the governor and his deputy don’t move with these long convoys.

“Sincerely speaking, I am not happy with this and people are becoming angry with this. We call on the governor to immediately stop these acts,” said Adamu, a resident of the state.

Another APC stalwart, Abdu Ɗan Ƙani also expressed anger about what he described as “unwholesome” attitude of some politicians for using convoy with sirens in the state.

Ɗan Ƙani said the attitude could bear negative repercussion against the chances of the party to won elections in 2023 as people are becoming angry day in day out.

“It is high time for the governor and other stakeholders in the party to as a matter of urgency, stop this act,” 

However, the residents of the state, especially the APC stalwarts, had expressed their disgust to the attitudes.

Meanwhile, a security expert, who spoke under anonymity, warned that the use of sirens by politicians or any other person than political office holders, could be a threat to security in the state ahead of the 2023 elections.

According to him, the siren could be assumed as intimidation by the opposition, who could use that opportunity to attack the convoy.

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