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2023 is a special year in the hearts of Nigerians to decide the Destiny of the County, says Bagos

by Tognaan Bawa
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By Tongnaan Dada Bawa, Jos

Member Representing Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency of Plateau State Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos has described 2023 as a special year in the hearts of Nigerians to decide the destiny of the country during the February General elections.

Bagos stated this while attending a new year’s thanksgiving Church Service held at ECWA Goodnews Rayfield Jos.

He said the new year’s resolution for Christians and Nigerians should be that of credible elections, free and fair elections, saying Nigerians’ desire should be peaceful conduct of 2023 elections.

“2023 is the Special year in the hearts of Nigerians, is an election year and we know that whatever decision we take this year should be that of having credible and Peaceful elections our distractors have predicted that there won’t be any election in 2023, but we are here you can see Plateau is Peaceful, we just finish from the church, we urged Nigerians to remain Peaceful so that nothing will take away our over 20 years of democracy, we will be determined and by the Grace God’s 2023 election will be conducted, leaders will emerge so that we have a change from the current challenges.

The Lawmaker who is also the Deputy Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Anti-Corruption and
noted that they are already mobilizing to see the adequate distribution of PVC to constituents that are yet to collect their PVCs at the moment

He added that the good news is that INEC already has all the PVCs saying the challenge would have been that if the PVC were not available, but said he is putting effort into how his constituents will get their PVCs before the elections.

He prayed for God to open Nigerians’hearts to see the Purpose of God for Nigeria in 2023.

“We will continue to represent the Masses better by God’s Grace and we challenge the church to encourage believers to go into Politics”

Earlier in his Sermon, the clergy in charge of ECWA Goodnews Rayfield Rev. Samuel Tyem took his Bible reading from Isaiah chapter 43Verse 1-7 advises Christians not to fear.

He said 2023 is not just any other year, but a year to change the future of Nigeria for better and development, saying the electorates must collect their PVCs to actively participate in the elections

He urged all the Members of the church to go out and vote, saying they must get their PVCs to vote in the direction of their prayer, security, and the future of children.

Rev. Tyem added that voting in the 2023 elections is voting for the survival of Nigeria.

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