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2023: Why Kaduna should make Shehu Sani Governor

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By Abdulmumin Giwa

The people of Kaduna state are all witnesses to the fact that they require to take up human development strategies, that should include healthcare and educational development as priority. This is necessary as a way of founding a long time initiative for developmental progress of Kaduna state.

With the current government in place that has practically concentrated on capital projects, that are no doubt profit oriented missions for the direct beneficiaries, the need for human welfare and development have since been neglected.

The state authorities have further proven this to the public with the sacking of thousands of civil servants, including teachers, and the exorbitant increase in tertiary institutions fees that will keep the children of the common man away and oppressed. It is such that the common man has not been considered to be existing at all.

Indeed institutional poverty, inflation and insecurity have taken over in most parts of northern Nigeria, but it is actually worse in Kaduna. Ideals of severe capitalism put in place by the state authorities have not only worsened the situation of the common man but have also made his life miserable and hopeless.

It is good to look around the Kaduna city and see infrastructure springing up around but it is bad and sad to see that there are no complementing human development accessories to provide welfare and development for the citizens of the state.

More so, it is sad to look around Kaduna and see how the people or the state have been divided along tribal and religious lines, a situation that has promoted crises and encouraged insecurity all for political greed and aggrandizement. The suppressive theories of divide and rule are being implemented in the state, thereby creating distrust and ugly phobia among the people especially along religious diversities.

Considering the fact that those currently in power have about a year and a half to hand over to a democratically elected leadership in the state, it is high time to refresh the minds of the public on what they should go for, come 2023.

Senator Shehu Sani, a committed and renown activist in Kaduna is worthy of reference when it comes to issues of human development, emancipation from suppression and preservation of fundamental rights. He is also a renown reference when it comes to the history of the fight for democracy in Nigeria, being one of those known to have made unquantifiable sacrifice. It shall remain always indelible on the records that he was imprisoned and maltreated for democracy.

Shehu Sani had done so much to humanity that are too numerous to mention as a renown activist. These acts will live to be remembered among the very many life struggles he achieved.

Even as a Senator he will be remembered as one who had helped saved Kaduna state from unnecessary lack of prudence in managing the state funds when he protected the state from unnecessary loans.

By these and many more facts, it doesn’t take anything to say to the people of the state to consider working to make him their next governor, for he indeed deserves it.

In fact, it will not be wrong to say that he is currently the most qualified person to handle Kaduna state out of its current situation if he accepts to do it.

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