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2023 :Why Muhuyi Magaji Is An Asset (IIl)

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By Comrade Nafiu Danlami

During my last write up on why the former chairman of Kano state public complain and anti corruption commission titled Why Muhuyi Magaji is an asset to Kano as far as the 2023 general elections is concerned, citing his youthful exuberance which made the anti corruption body a talk of the town,now almost 5 month after his exit as the chairman of the Anti Corruption body ,Kano populace are expressing their misgivings on the exit of the chairman.

Recently the social media was agog with praises on Muhuyi Magaji when fuel Scarcity hit major Nigerian cities ,they remembered the former PCACC chairman with nostalgia,this was as a product of his doggedness in taking the fight to the doors steps of hoarders of food commodities and their Ilk.

Now without Muhuyi Magaji on the saddle,inflation has been the culture of businesses now in Kano,but during his stewardship Iam a witness with how Muhuyi marked commodities being use by the rich and the poor in Kano state to ensure that he enforced uniformity in prices.

Take for example when some merciless marketers decided to quadruple the price of sugar and other essential commodities during the 2020 Corona Virus lock down ,Barrister Muhyi hit the ground running,when Kano was locked and it was the media where millions of populace turned their attention to and common men in Kano cannot break their fasting with Sugar, Muhyi’s intervention rented the Kano Radio airwaves and pages of newspapers on how he cut the artificial inflation of sugar ,since then the price of sugar in Kano remains static.

Its due to that that Kano people sense Muhyi’s posture and zeal in fighting injustice will fetch Kano and its people a serious fortune when it comes to 2023 general election.

I scrutinized all the Gubernatorial candidates in Kano,both from the PDP and the APC ,hardly anyone matched the achievements of Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado,I did not need to mention names,but the recent fuel price calamity has shown how history has been to the former PCACC chairman.

Even from now history and time have already judge Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado and his detractors ,as we approach 2023 Kano people have a choice ,the choice between light and darkness ,the choice between truth falsehood.

When I criss cross the nooks and crannies of Kano city and glanced how the posters of Barrister Muhyi Magaji’s Gubernatorial ambition adorned the major streets of the state,I say patriots are still found in Nigeria,I say patriots because who ever has the nation at heart and is willing to deliver Kano state from the clutches of almost 8 years mis -governance people like Muhuyi Magaji need to be sold to the electorate,I cited in my latest article how Many Governors that worked for the state did so at their youthful ages like Muhyi Magaji, and the right time is now.

This is somebody that headed an independent government parastatal and also ensured its independence by working deligently to deliver on its mandate,what of if that personality is vested with an executive power and at his Youthful age ,the lost glory of Kano will be regained in the comity of Nigerian states,its revenue retained,the glory of its past restored and investors will be willing to come to the state due to the anti corruption posture of its leader ,t Barrister Muhyi Magaji.

Another way of appreciating his resolve and effort was during his chairmanship of PCACC,Kano come to be known in resolving public complain cases,many individuals who are indebted by individuals and companies , Muhyi’s no nonsense stance made them smiled.

A number of Non governmental organizations who are much interested in getting Nigeria out of the woods troop to Barristers office ,to get coached on the strategies he employed in projecting the image of the populous state of Nigeria that is Kano when he held sway as PCACC chairman.

The first chairman of the National public complain commission and the late Danmasanin Kano ,Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule praised Muhyi Magaji before the world audience,the late Nigerias best orator made the statement when the Nigeria postal service launched the anti corruption staff in conjunction with Muhuyi’s PCACC and the Nigeria police.

His famous quote was blessed on Muhuyi,he says the joy of a dying father is the blessing of a worthy successor,and he confessed before the audience at the coronation hall that Muhyi has carried on from where they have started in the 1970’s when he Danmasani was appointed by General Murtala Muhammad as the pioneer chairman of National public complain commission.

Nafiu Danlami wrote from Kano and he can be reached at danlaminafiu7@gmail.com
,Twiter @danlami_nafiu

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