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AbdulRasheeth Shehu: Taking the Bold Steps to Glory

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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It has been said that “Success often rise from the ashes of failure”! That is exactly what AbdulRasheeth Shehu is proving to many.


Although, a lot of pundits will look at the above quote as a mere statement, the man is proving it through his actions as more than a mere statement.


One may pause to ask; what are these actions?


If you have been following him keenly on all Media forum, AbdulRasheeth has dedicated his activities towards achieving one goal! That “one goal” he has turned into a personal project.


Prior to the 2019 general elections, he has supported and worked tirelessly towards realizing the Presidential ambition of His Excellency, former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999-2007) and the 7th Waziri of Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON) the PDP Presidential Candidate.


One may further tend to inquire even after the conclusion of the 2019 Presidential Elections, AbdulRasheeth has refused to give up on the man he simply referred to as his father unlike others.


He believed deep within his heart that the man Atiku Abubakar has all the qualities, ideas and capabilities to lead Nigeria. This he personally feels that it should not just end aftermath the 2019 elections.


AbdulRasheeth Shehu went back to the drawing board immediately! He conceived personal ideas on how best to further enlighten Nigerians (most especially the youths who have been branded “lazy”) that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar still has the best political and economic policies to get Nigeria working again.


He started by creating the robust and most active youth movement known as “ATIKU KAWAI” meaning ‘Atiku only’. He has set his sight only on this all important mission.


The question that will come to everyone’s mind is that he only came up with that group on Social media so as to get noticed or be recognized as we often call it in Naija slang “notice me” . To many, he just wants to eat.


AbdulRasheeth never bothered on side talks and never allowed such demeaning statements to deter his vision and mission towards the next general elections coming up in 2023. To him, even if there are other candidates who might be interested in contesting for the no.1 seat in Nigeria, he felt Atiku is still the man to beat and therefore,be given the opportunity based on Atiku’s track records as a public figure, businessman and a well respected politician recognized world wide.


At a time when all political activities subsided, AbdulRasheeth dusted his thinking cap and put it on immediately. He launched his pet movement (Atiku Kawai) and it immediately gained prominence and was widely accepted within and outside Nigeria with all the right structure prominently set.


For most of us following his updates, we started seeing him as a joker but he never succumbed!


One is expected to only think that The Atiku Kawai group’s activities will only be on Social media platform and will constitute nuisance, but, nay! The Founder himself stuck out his neck and saw to it that it goes beyond and above all, what will be considered as a ‘mere group’.


Daily and rapidly, it gained membership across the 36 States of the Federation. One particular thing about its members is that it is filled up with Youths who are full of intellectual and political activities and also vibrant with ideas.


The group headed by AbdulRasheeth started organizing series of lectures and seminars to find tune its mode of operations. AbdulRasheeth stood his ground by drafting some prominent allies and political associates of Atiku as the founding BoT members of the movement.


He was taking the right steps in the right directions and getting the right set of people to join the movement. With each step, everything was falling in line for him.


He single handedly sourced for finance and supported his movement personally!


I remember during one of his engagement and meeting with his mentor and boss, Atiku remarked that “God bear him witness, that he has never giving a single kobo or any kind of financial assistance to AbdulRasheeth and in turn, AbdulRasheeth has never asked him for money”!


That statement alone was a moral booster for AbdulRasheeth! He further dedicated his time, resources and energy to nurture his group to one of the most dynamic group ever heard of in the present political terrain in Nigeria.


The way and manner he commits his time couple with the zeal, passion and dedication towards organizing town hall meetings to further enlighten Nigerians on why Atiku is the most suitable man come 2023 right from the grassroot levels up to the National level is second to none!


Check out the recent maiden edition of the town hall meeting with a robust theme that was so impressive in terms of organization and turn out by prominent Nigerians who graced the occasion. It had many talking. This led to one of the most sensitive and sensible comment made by one of his former colleague and friend, Shareef Sarkin Pawa who remarked; “do not be surprise to see AbdulRasheeth Shehu in ASo Rock come 2023”!


I personally quiet agree with that remark in the sense that AbdulRasheeth Shehu’s passion, dedication, exceptional organizational skills,political will and zeal to canvass for the man Atiku couldn’t come at a better time than now.


He has carved a niche for himself. He has set the pace and shown exemplary leadership abilities and qualities that any one will turn to for support and as a vibrant youth.


Is it a wonder from the attached picture that AbdulRasheeth Shehu is taking the bold steps to Aso Rock come 2023. We all should not be surprised if it does happen. He has worked hard and tirelessly towards achieving that.


Well done my brother. The sky is definitely your limit.


On a final note, I say gently take those bold steps, brother. They are leading you to greater success and glory. Do not relent in your efforts.


Allah bless, guide and protect you.


I.M. Gwary, Esq.

Writes from Yola,

Adamawa State.

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