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Aiki-Aiki: Read Ganduje’s 2 Years Achievement on Education in Kano

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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The Kano State Education Commissioner, Muhammad Sanusi Ƙiru says, contrary to what some people think of Governor Ganduje’s effort to revamp education sector, a lot of achievements were being made “that no any other government has in the history of Kano recorded.”

Mr Ƙiru made this known in a rejoinder he sent to one Muhammad Bashir, a citizen of Kano – who published an ‘opinion write-up’ on the ministry’s work.

He advised that the publisher should have made some consultations and seek information from the ministry for fairness, before releasing the write-up to the public.

Below is the list of the ministry’s achievements recorded from 2019 to date:

1. Established 15 Almajiri Integrated Tsangaya Model schools across the state, 15 of which are boarding schools. (The first ever in the history of Nigeria.) Each of the facilities has dormitory, hostels, cafeteria, toilets and staff quarters among others.

2. Employed 60 Alarammas who will teach in the 15 Almajiri Integrated Tsangaya Model schools established in the state.

3. Established Kano Educational Trust Fund (KETFUND) aimed at achieving equitable and inclusive access to quality Education for all in accordance with 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

4. Established the Community Promotion Committee (CPC) which was able to used funds provided by the state govt to construct 407 classrooms, 460 toilets, 200 boreholes.

5. Laid the foundation of 4 Mega Secondary Schools across the 4 Emirates councils (Kano, Bichi, Karaye, Gaya, Rano) in the state.

6. Engaged a record 8,000 volunteer teachers under the BESDA program across the 44 LGA in the state.

7. Recruited 1,536 female teachers for primary schools across the 44 LGA in the state.

8. Distributed millions of text books, record books, and school register books to all the primary schools across the 44 LGA in the state.

9. Constructed new classroom blocks, hostel rooms and toilets at Govt Tahfiz Qur’an Sec School Kiru.

10. Established 400 computers capacity JAMB CBT centers in the state.

11. Provided computer laptops to all the staffs in the state Education ministry to encourage efficiency and prompt work delivery in the ministry.

12. Ongoing renovation and reconstruction of primary & secondary schools classrooms across the 3 senatorial zones.

13. Renovated the 100 seater conference Hall and equipped with modern facilities at the ministry’s headquarter, Gidan Murtala.

14. Distributed computer laptops to all zonal directors and 5 vehicles to director’s of the headquarter.

15. Rehabilitated Ganduje Nomadic primary school in Ganduje town D/Tofa LG.

16. Distributed 7,915 3-seater desk and various instructional materials to all the primary schools across the state.

17. Increased primary school enrollment from 1.5m in 2019 to 3.5m in 2020 based on the out-of-school children survey 2019.

18. Distributed 790 Digital Classroom All Inclusive Empowerment Solution and Tablets to 728 teachers, 39 master teachers, nine senior secondary school officers and 14 principal officers.

19. Sponsored 25,000 Teachers Training in various fields in order to provide quality teachers for quality Education.

20. Enrolled all the 1,800 repatriated indigenous Almajiris to Kano from other states into conventional Education system.

21. Establishment of Gifted and Talented Academy at Ganduje (ongoing).

22. Perimeter Wall fencing of GSS Kafin Maiyaki (funded by MLG).

23. Renovation and supply of office and working of Comminity Education Resources Centre (CERC) along Gandun Albasa.

24. Completion of a brand new Science and Technical College, Dala.

25. Procurement of 38No Thermocool deep freezers and installation of Solar light to boarding schools.

26. Construction of 2No mechanised boreholes with overhead tanks at GSTC and FSTC Ganduje.

27. Rehabilitation works at GGUC Kachako.

28. Construction of 2 classroom block at GGSS Magwan.

29. Renovation of Kiru Model Primary School.

30. Rehabilitation of Maraku Primary School.

31. Creation of addional Zonal Directorates under SUBEB, KSSSMB, SAME and new ones under STSB & KSLB.

32. Purchase of teachers lodge for staff of the new FSTS along Bachirawa.

33. Renovation of Ƙiru Child friendly School.

34. Procurement of 500,000 English and Mathematics Text books for students of Senior Secondary Schools.

35. Provision of Desktop and laptop computers, office furniture, CCTV Camersa and internet services at Gidan Murtala.

Muhammad Bashir, who saw the list of Ƙiru’s great work in the field of education in Kano says, he has been misinformed about Kano’s work on education.

He also apologized to Mr Ƙiru.

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