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Alleged murder: Group accuses Gbajabiamila, Ganduje of plotting to free majority leader

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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Concerned citizens of Tudun Wada-Doguwa Federal Constituency in Kano state on Thursday alleged that the House of Representatives and the Kano state government are collaborating to get the embattled majority leader, Ado Ado Doguwa, freed from the allegations of murder and illegal possession of firearms.

Addressing journalists in Kano on Thursday, the concerned group members led by former Commissioner Budget and Planning, Alhaji Nura Muhammad Dankadai, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that justice takes it course to avoid reciprocal violence

The concerned citizens alleged that they have information that the House of Representatives and the Kano state government are planning to ensure that Doguwa is released on bail despite the allegations he is facing before the law.

“It is important to note that the people of Tudun Wada and Doguwa Local Government have every reasonable grounds to believe that the leadership of the National Assembly is currently collaborating with the Kano State Government to tinker with ongoing judicial processes by exerting pressure and undue influence on the judiciary to grant bail to Alhassan Ado Doguwa and others.

“The essence of the this Press Conference by the concerned peace loving and law abiding citizens of Tudun Wada and Doguwa Federal Constituency of Kano State is to draw the attention of the members of press and other esteemed citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to note the precarious condition of the people arising from dastardly act of arson and brigandage unleashed on defenseless citizens, leading to loss of lives, injuries and destruction of properties on 26th February, 2023 which led to the arrest and arraignment of the accused persons before the court of law.

“As esteemed gentlemen of the press, we’re concern that releasing the accused persons, the National Assembly and Kano State Government are trying to do is tantamount to subversion of justice and lack of empathy and compassion for the victim families of Tudun Wada and Doguwa Local Governments. 

“Furthermore, with the approaching of the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly Elections on March 11th, 2023. This nefarious act if allowed to prevail, will constitute immense threat to peaceful conduct of the forthcoming election.

“Finally, we are appealing to the Presidency, National Security Adviser, Inspector General of Police, Director State Security Services, Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice and all National and International Stakeholders to come to the rescue of the  ever peace loving people of Tudun Wada and Doguwa Local Governments of Kano State” the group stated.

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