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Anambra: The Accessibility And Approachability Of Amiable Andy

by Bala Ibrahim
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By Bala Ibrahim.

If the attainment of political magnificence is the dream and desire of the people of Anambra state, then they should Thank God, for persuading Chief Andy Uba, the November 6/2021 APC gubernatorial candidate, to show interest in contesting the forth coming Anambra state governorship election again.

The state of Anambra had long made name in business prominence and cultural accomplishments, because of the dynamism of it’s people, who are known to be characterized by vigorous activities and doggedness to entrepreneurial achievements.

Late Professor Ali Mazrui described the Ibos as the Jews of Nigeria, because they are geographically mobile, and economically enterprising. The vast majority of these successfully mobile Ibos are reportedly from Anambra, the state that is destined to change with the helping hand of humble and accessible Andy.

The easy-to-talk to disposition of Andy Uba, the man put forward by the APC for the Governorship election, would undoubtedly propel the state to greater heights, in it’s enthusiasm to arrive at the Eldorado.

Having attained the crescendo of business ingenuity and innovation in Nigeria, no one can deny the state the right to aspire for something higher, through the polish of political finesse that come handy in Andy.

Building on the age-long apprenticeship system that is peculiar to the Ibo people, which combined with business acumen to support their progress, Andy Uba seems determined to use politics to advance the accomplishments of the Anambra Ibos.

As a successful businessman, that has also used the practice of apprenticeship in a number of his businesses to provide opportunities for young boys and girls to learn a trade of their choice, including the all paying oil business, Andy has been using similar policy in molding many Ibo politicians on the art of politics without bitterness.

Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, popularly referred to as Andy Uba, is not new to the Government House in Awka. He had previously won the Anambra state Governorship election in 2007, through a landslide victory that brought joy to many, who witnessed his swearing in on the 27th of May, 2007. However, less than three weeks after he was sworn in, amiable Andy was removed from office by a judgement of the Supreme Court.

That unpalatable judgement had triggered a lot of uproar in the country, principally because many legal luminaries were of the opinion that the apex court, at that time, had no jurisdiction to adjudicate on the case. But true to his character of simplicity, humility and modesty, amiable Andy Uba accepted the sad news and went a step further to congratulate his opponent, Peter Obi, who became the assigned governor.

The constant consolation coming from the mouth of Andy’s supporters is that he was not removed because of any fraud or election malpractice, but the submission of the court that the tenure of the then incumbent governor, Peter Obi, who contested under the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, had not expired. The court rulled that the election in which amiable Andy Uba emerged victorious, was of no effect, because INEC conducted it in violation of the law.

He let go the pain of everything, and in his desire to serve, he again contested, but this time around for the Senate in the 2011 elections. As expected, he won the Senatorial election to represent his District, where he served with distinction for two terms, before being called now to have a second go at the Governorship.

Followers of the Anambra politics and pundits familiar with the terrain are optimistic of the Senator’s victory for many reasons, with the least being his unalloyed belief in championing the cause of Igbo politics beyond party policies.

He is a bridge builder and one that believes more in unity than division. As a former aide of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a staunch advocate of One Nigeria, Andy Uba is viewed by observers as a man that would use the governorship position to unite the Ndigbo around the pillars of national cohesion for collective benefit.

Indeed the choice of Andy Uba for the coming governorship election by the APC has a lot of advantages, particularly because it has dealt a big blow on the arrogance of some contestants, who lack the faculty of modesty and the required quality of humility.

The acting chairman of the All Progressive Congress, or the chairman, Caretaker/ Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, CEPC, His Excellency, Governor Mai Mala of Yobe State, and the indefatigable Governor of Imo state, His Excellency, Hope Uzodinma also deserve special commendation, for persuading Senator Andy to defect to the ruling APC, and subsequently emerging as the flag bearer of the party in the coming contest.

Yes, Andy Uba is undoubtedly an accessible, approachable, amiable and a happily married man to Pastor Faith Vedelago of Faith Miracle Center Abuja. And together, they have two children.

I approve Andy, and I hope come November 6, the same approbation would come from the Anambrans.

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