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APC KANO : Reclaiming a mandate or chasing the wild goose?

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By Adamu Aminu.

The most eagerly awaited 2023 polls came and passed accompanied by the jubilation and sadness.

The political dream is now over, and reality button is pushed to be on.

On every elections, at the end of it, there must be either of the two – a winner or a loser.

As stereotypically known, those that emerges victorious, will jubilate with merriments, while on the contrary side, the losers will be sad with teary eyes.

At this point, to the losers pursuing a legal means or action is usually a common political ritual taken as the last resort to redress the alleged anomaly or at the risk that lead to upholding the claiming victory of the winning party.

The aforementioned preface is synonymous with the scenario in the aftermath of the Kano gubernatorial election wherein the APC candidate Nasiru Yusif Gawuna and the party are presently grappling with posttraumatic disorder of election defeat, In the hands of the INEC pronounced winner, Abba Kabir Yusif of NNPP.

In fear of potential languishment, deep under the dustbin of political irrelevancy in the next four years, the Kano APC held press briefing, under the stewardship of the bailed out Alhassan Ado Doguwa alledged discrepancies in the last Kano gubernatorial election’s figures which according to their saying is ought to be branded as “Inconclusive”

Whereas, in his narrative, during the press briefing, Nasiru Yusif Gawuna admits that “appropriate channels will be walk through to reclaim what’s rightly theirs , under the armpit of law and order”

While urging the teeming party supporters to conduct themselves peacefully and await for what’ll transpired at the end, as painful or pleasing it might be.

Contextually, to the best recollection of the readers of this piece as well as those who clearly knows Hon. Gawuna’s personal disposition.

He’s undoubtedly a consummate, grassroot politician whose conducts knows no bound when it comes cordial interactions with people, no matter the creed of life they came from.

There was hardly any mentioned of him for any verbiage that in collision with his political personality.

But, being a Man of God in his utterances as he usually does, he ought to submit his thought and action to the will of God Almighty who doesn’t make error in all his executed decision.

By taking the decision of pursuing to reclaiming the mandate is novel to his acclaiming gestures, even though doing so is constitutionally on the right path.

On the flip side, the outgoing state deputy governor, His excellency Nasiru Yusif Gawuna deserved to be giving a benefit of doubt with regard to Party’s decision to uncombed the allege complexity for the sake of mandate reclaiming through the proper steps, as such whether he likes it or not, he must abide by the party unanimous decision.

For him, knowing the truth or otherwise at this critical time is immaterial. He must join the party bandwagon to be at the safer side and salvage his political future.

Anyway, it is common knowledge to all and sundry that losing election is the most painful nightmare hated by every political candidate, and in such instances, logics are beclouded to engage in chasing a wild goose instead to concede a defeat and start preparation for the next dispensation.

This current apocalypse befallen on the Kano-APC is the same replica and in reminiscent to the last “Inconclusive thunderstorm” which inflicted the Kwankwasiyya disciples to the extent of going berserk to the supreme Court in pursuing a mirage.

And at last, they patiently waited, regroup, pursued the aspiration and now the victory is on their palm top.

The power is temporal and transitory which no one is divinely baked to retain it permanently.

An adage says, what goes round must come around.

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