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At Public Policy Dialogue, Stakeholders Mull Implications of insecurity on Girl child Education in Kano

by Hannatu Sulaiman Abba
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The one day citizens dialogue on implications of insecurity in the development of education sector in Kano State with support from PERL -FCDO, was facilitated by the Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for all (CSACEFA), School Based Management committee (SBMC), Kano State Budget Working Group, HiLwa and citizen partnership for girls Education.

The Chairman, CSACEFA, Dr Auwal Halilu who presented the communique stated that the event was aimed at having citizens dialogue in engaging and advocating to the general public, security experts, educational leaders and relevant stakeholders on ways to resolve and ensure provision of everlasting security for the education sector in Kano state.

The communique further emphasised that, passing Kano State Child Protection bill 2021 will ensure safety and security for the girl child, while ensuring the implementation of existing education policies, such as teacher policy, girls education policy and inclusive education policy.

It will also assure provision of adequate budgetary allocation, establishment of functional schools, development of the system and safeguarding the school, while creating a budget line for SBMC and PTAs in Education budget.

Furthermore, it will ensure that all children are enrolled into school expecially the girl child, revitalizing and implementing the state Education trust fund, calling on Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and Civile Society Organizations (CSOs) to engage in monitoring of budget allocation, increase and released of expenditure of all education activity mostly for the girl child, and establishing a school base security committee.

Earlier, Prof. Aisha Abdul Ismail during her presentation on girl child education stated that, challenges posed by insecurity to educational sector has moved the system backwards. “It has moved us backward through our Advocacy on Girl child Education for about 20 years, many parents can’t be convinced on sending their children back to school due to fear and traumatic situation expecially in the rural area. With this, many catastrophe in the community will be rampant such as teenage pregnancy, poverty, illiteracy,Gender based Violence etc,” she said.

She called on the Government to implement more strategies on addressing security in various schools expecially for the girls schools.

The plenary was graced by resourceful partners, experts in Advocacy for Development and security in sustainable development by giving the right attention, protection and support in ways, it can be given proper integration and adequate security at policy and practice level.

The workshop was attended by Academia, traditional and Religious leaders, security experts, professionals, youth groups, Developmental partners and students acrossed the state and nation.

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