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Atiku Kawai Media Group Conducts National Town Hall Meeting, Endorses Atiku’s 2023 Candidacy

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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On Saturday afternoon, scores of Nigeria’s political ‘brain boxes’ and fine thinkers arrived Kano to attend Atiku Abubakar National Town Hall Meeting, where one of the foremost and renowned human rights activist, Sen. Shehu Sani, implored citizens to embrace peace, through uniting themselves as Nigerians irrespective of their religious and tribal affiliations and bigotry.

Sen. Shehu Sani says, Nigeria can only grow if there exist a strong relationship between the north and south in order to promote country’s unity.

Sani who made this known in Kano during Atiku Kawai Annual Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, mildly accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for failing to fulfill their campaign promises to Nigerians, adding that “to build a united country, Buhari must engender ethnic and religious harmony and Nigerians must think ‘first’ of the nation, not their difference.”

He says, “we have tried the man of integrity, it is time now to try the man of prosperity.”

On his part, the Chairman of Daar Communications, Chief Raymond Dokpesi has expressed dismay over the deteriorating state of security in the north under the leadership of APC, saying that only Atiku Abubakar would save the country from the unfortunate condition APC threw her into.

According to him, if Atiku Abubakar is elected as president under the umbrella of PDP, his administration will work toward uniting the people of the country irrespective of tribe and religion.

Mr Segun Sowunmi, spokesman of the Atiku Campaign Organisation says, “Atiku Abubakar’s presidential candidacy is not only timely, but also necessary for the development of Nigeria.”

Sowunmi, who has in many functions been hailing and promoting Atiku Abubakar’s competency says, “Nigerians  would have seen practical restructured activities that government would have embarked on within a short period of time.”

He added that the Nigerian constitution was not created to be an obstacle to development and that the citizens can determine what they need to change that can give them the desired growth.

Dr Ahmed Adamu, a senior lecturer at Nile University Abuja call on Nigerian youths to come out en mass to vote out Buhari’s government and vote for Atiku Abubakar as president comes 2023.

He commended the founder of Atiku Kawai Media Group, Abdul-Rasheed Shehu Uba and the entire leadership of the organization for portraying the values of Atiku Abubakar in the eyes of the world.

Dr Ahmed Adamu also decried the spate of poverty and unemployment amongst youths in Northern Nigeria under APC administration, adding that “they are causative agents of insecurity in the region”.

Earlier, the founder of Atiku Kawai Media Group, Abdul-Rasheed Shehu Uba who spoke about the objectives and scopes of the organization says, they have made huge achievements in promoting Atiku Abubakar in the past 14 months, through the use of media.

Abdul-Rasheed also talked about the consequences that poverty and unemployment yield in Nigeria, which according to him were the cause of malnutrition and security challenges bedeviling the country.

He says, Nigerians are now craving for a leader that is rich in experiences and leadership capacity to lead this country and save them from the hand of President Buhari.

The theme of the Atiku Abubakar’s Town Hall Meeting was “Making A Case Of National Unity And Prosperity.”

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