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Daughter of Lawmaker, Rabiyya Scores First Class In Laws From London University

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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The Daughter of a Nigeria Lawmaker, Rabiyya Nasir Ahmad, has broken the history of a London University, by been a first Female Law Student to have a First Class Bachelor of Law Degree.

Rabiyya Nasir Ahmad who was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Laws With Honors First Class in Laws by the Coventry University London, is to have been the first black Female Student who make this giant performances.

Her Father, Nasir Ali Ahmad who was full of happiness told Newsmen that he couldn’t believes his Daughter who insisted in reading Laws could make this wonderful performances.

“I reluctantly agreed to her consistent plea to allow her Study Law, not knowing the Talents Allah has injected in her have scores the first Class Bachelor of Law Degree”.

Nasir Ahmad who is a House of Representatives member representing Nassarawa Federal Constituency in Kano, said he has seen hopes in the Nigeria Youths who are blessed with Talents to make the Country proud again.

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