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Did Ganduje prepare Gawuna – Garo to uphold his political empire?

by Mustapha Salisu
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By Adamu Aminu

The joy and hope of every dying father is to have a good successor and his legacies to outlived him.

This proverbial saying can be apply in a political context, whereas, a dream and hope of every outgoing leader is to have a competent successor, a successor that will sustain, protect and uphold the political structure and carried on  principal political legacies of his predecessor.

The aforementioned preface is sharing a striking resemblance with what’s currently transpiring in Nigeria, as the tenure of President  Buhari and state governors whose tenures are edging closer to the precipice.

While majority of them are hoping for their anointed gubernatorial candidates to emerge victorious at the forthcoming  election, to extend their underground influence and also to keep the political pendulum swinging.

Kano in particular, the vicinity of the Khadimul Islam, the outgoing governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, who is in a less than a couples of months will join the league of elder statesmen and become among the parent of Kano political empire.

His preferred choice of Nasiru Gawuna as his successor and Murtala Garo as running mate is seen as competent hands that continue building the fortress to fortified his legacies, as his principal Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso does in creating a brand identity of his political dynasty in Kano.

The questions are;  Did Ganduje built Gawuna and Garo political fortitude and loyalty  to carry on his political ideologies?

Did he create a solid base political loyalty among his associates that will continue holding his baton after  leaving office?

Evidently, there are two reigning political household in Kano ; the Kwankwaso’s , Shekarau’s and the third will be determine by the forthcoming election, for Gandujiyya to join the league or otherwise.

First, the Kwankwasiyya house of the  Red-cap ideologists under the leadership of the former governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso are known for  unbundle adherence to the loyalty of their political movement. Winning or losing election doesn’t blemishes their submission to the dictate of the party at any cost whatsoever.

Whereas, the political enclave of Mundubuwa under the leadership of the former reputable and kind governor, Dr Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau is seemingly heading to a political nosedive.

The House is said to be plague by ambivalence of not sticking to a viable political decisions, which in spite of the domineering effect of Shura Council hasn’t added any value to the survival of their breadwinner chances,  as far as fruitful decision making is concern.

In a nutshell, the Mundubawa’s political empire seems to be ending with no bird, no snare.

The gubernatorial election is lurking around the corner,  littered by hard nut to cracked, the outcome will clearly indicates whose enclave will continue to rule within the Kano political space.

If Gawuna – Garo victorious at the upcoming polls , there is need to wait and see how train, oriented and well prepared by Governor Governor Ganduje towards upholding his political empire after leaving office.

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