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Don tasks farmers on mushroom cultivation to boost agro-revenue

by Hadiza Musa Yusuf
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A professor of Botanical Science at the National Open University (NOUN), Prof. Sami Ayodele, has called on farmers to diversify into mushroom cultivation to boost revenue in the agricultural sector.

According to Ayodele on Wednesday, mushroom cultivation is one of the most neglected parts of agriculture in Nigeria, with farmers focusing mainly on common crops such as rice, beans, yam, and cassava.

He stressed that if the mushroom sector is well-developed, it has the potential to earn Nigeria a lot of foreign exchange.

Ayodele cited some Asian countries that rely on mushroom cultivation for consumption and export to earn revenue for their countries.

“China, Russia and even some other parts of the United States of America embark on mushroom cultivation which earn them a lot of foreign exchange apart from local consumption,” he said.

He also highlighted the nutritional and health benefits of mushrooms, including their potential use in the management of chronic diseases such as cancer and HIV.

“The protein content in mushrooms can be compared to that of beef and fish which is very expensive for the less privileged people to buy.

“Mushrooms are very affordable and everybody can also embark on its cultivation, because it is not hard to cultivate.

“You can even cultivate mushrooms in the comfort of your home if you know how to do it,’’ Ayodele said.

Ayodele called for more awareness on mushroom cultivation in order to popularize its cultivation and consumption among Nigerians.

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