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Employment Is The Right Of Graduates

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By Joshua Umoh

The stress of going to school for four or six years, serving the nation (NYSC) for another year with great hopes of getting a job in one of the top-notch industries in the country but that dreams were thrown into the ocean.

Going to series of interviews, But all to no avail because you are not employable no experience. What do we do as fresh graduates?.

A friend of mine graduated from Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) as usual he has been searching for a job, going for series of interviews, the last interview he went for really got to me, After waiting for four hours finally he was called in for an interview.

The interviewer asked him, who recommended you here? that was the beginning and end of the interview. He was not referred by anyone to date the guy is jobless doing nothing. I ask, are we suppose to suffer for our rights as graduates?.

Unemployment in the country is on the high side right now as thousands of graduates are joining the queue of unemployed youth year in year out.

In the country today 59% of these graduates have shifted their attention to internet fraud, prostitution, and juvenile delinquency. Will you blame them?

Recently, I was having a chat with a secondary school boy, about furthering his education once he’s done and his response wowed me. He said and I quote him “Education is a scam, I rather do internet business (yahoo) make some cool cash for myself than travel out of the country”.

For him to have made such a statement, means he has heard a lot about graduates not getting jobs so to him going to school is just a waste of time.

It is high time we change this trend

I’m advocating for a better Nigeria and I came up with the initiative of focusing my attention on reducing the high rate of unemployment
and reducing the high rate of crime in the country.

YOUTH MIND BUILDING ACADEMY(YMBA) is formed to make sure young people are agents of change, who can take back their power and own their current and future choices.

The academy is out to make sure in 20years from now the level of unemployment in the country would have been reduced to a controllable number.

YMBA is out to set the milestone of a great nation, the goal is not doing our young people a favor but fulfilling their rights.

Bill Clinton once lamented that, though many problems in the world have been solved the real challenge was getting the people with the problems connected to the people with the solutions.

YMBA is the solution to unemployment in the country.

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