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Ganduje: The Humane Of a Human Being

by Bala Ibrahim
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By Bala Ibrahim.

Since yesterday, a very palatable story has been trending on the social media, that Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state has offered an automatic teaching employment to a blind person, Dahiru Abdulhamid Idris, who has been teaching voluntarily.

According to Abba Anwar, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, “After ushering the blind young man to the governor by the Commissioner of Education, Muhammadu Sanusi Kiru, governor Ganduje directed that, the visually impaired person, be posted to Tudun Maliki Special Education School”.

Very good. I see this as an exemplary show of compassion by Governor Ganduje, and a demonstration of benevolence to a needed needy. Yes, Dahiru is needy, but one that is needed by the system.

Dahiru Abdulhamid is a naturally disadvantaged person that was born blind and subjected to living under unfavorable circumstances, in the heart of Kano, Nigeria’s oldest commercial center and home to Africa’s richest man, Abdulsamad Rabiu, as well as Aliko Dangote, the richest black man on Earth.

But despite this kindness from nature, of making him share the same state of origin with these wealthy people, nature denied Dahiru the luxury of sight, and the comfort or elegance of self financial dependence.

However, the same nature, that is never wrong, gave Dahiru the confidence of self conviction, to remain resolute in exploring every available and attainable social and educational opportunity.

Since seeing the viral video of Dahiru on the social media, wherein he was narrating how he was born to a poor family, with blindness, at the Kofar Dawanau quarters of Dala Local Government Area in the city of Kano, my heart became pitched with the feeling of pity, occasioned by the imagination of the boy’s sufferings and misfortunes.

In narrating the sorry story of his life, Dahuru said despite the disadvantaged situation he was born into, with the support of his purposefully resolved mother, he went to school and obtained a National Certificate in Education, (NCE) in English/Political Science from the Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies, and has been serving as a volunteer teacher in a community school in his area since 2014.

Furthermore, the blind boy said he is currently on a degree program in Political Science at the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN, courtesy of the scholarship assistance of the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdallah Uba Adamu.

I was touched to the point of emotion, when I read the statement by Abba Anwar, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, where the governor said to the young blind boy that, “You are taking the right step in your life. The Kano state government is giving you automatic employment of teaching. And I have directed the state Commissioner of Education to post you to Tudun Maliki Special Education School.

Tudun Mailiki is the School for special education and the alma mater of Dahiru Abdulhamid, where the visually impaired persons are trained to read and write with special skills, that make them adapt to the challenges of life.

Beyond verbal praises, certainly Ganduje’s benevolence deserves a special approbation, because, although leadership role comes with such prerogative of the disposition to do good, not all are willing to act according to the dictates of such kindness.

By displaying the quality of compassion and consideration for this poor but determined young boy, who has sworn to see ability in disability, Ganduje has proven to be a Human being with a lot of humane.

We may disagree with him politically. We may disagree with his style of leadership. We may disagree with his perceived permission of laxity, especially the lack of strictness against the internal interference from the other room, but when it comes to sympathetic feelings, particularly the expression of pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, Ganduje is very good. The only Governor Kano State ever had, that has scored higher than Ganduje in this regard is Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, Sardaunan Kano, and Senator representing Kano Central, whose score on my scale is EXCELLENT.

So kudos to Governor Ganduje for this show of kindness. Kudos to those who put the vodeo of Dahiru on the social media. Kudos to everyone who helped in making the publicity and the eventual realization of Dahiru’s dream a reality.

In the video, the plea of Dahiru is to be given the opportunity of employment, so that other disadvantaged persons would not make mockery of his determination to acquire education, and defeat poverty and street begging for lack of self confidence.

Thank God and thank Ganduje, we can say effective from this week, Dahiru is considered Government-employed. Our hope is that the offer would be backed by the security of salary supply.

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