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GBV: CITAD trained female mentors to teach in Kano Secondary Schools

by Hannatu Sulaiman Abba
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In its continuous effort to inspire young girls in schools and to equip them to be able to deal with Gender Based Violence cases so that they do not continue to be fearful of schools which results in poor performance.

CITAD as part of the Ford Foundation supported project on Strengthening Citizens Response and Protection Against Gender Based Violence in Kano, Nigeria is instituted the mentoring system.

The project program officer, Zainab Aminu said the mentorship system will be schools based so that mentors will have access to students while they are in school.

However, she added that where personalized counselling is required, mentors could supplement time in school with a home mentoring.

The objectives of the mentoring are to provide an opportunity for young girls to interact with role models who can inspire them to dream great; provide young girls with opportunity to learn how to handle and prevent self from falling victims of GBV and reinforce an attitude for girls to aspire to an independent means of livelihood through entrepreneurship.

“The mentorship cycle will last for six months. At the end of the mentorship, each mentor will submit a report of the experience while a report of the part of the students will be generated through Focus Groups discussion and interviews by staff of CITAD.

“Mentors will involve two separate engagements. One is on site physical engagement by mentors with students as a groups (also still with providing for provision time for counselling should any student desire it).

“The second is offsite engagement which his private and faction through phone and emails. Mentors are expected to commit at least two hours on site per month and spend about the same via phone and email for students to ask them questions and respond.”

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