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Gombe uncovers 781 ‘ghost’ workers, saves N50.6m

by Safiyya Usman
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Gombe State Government has suspended 781 employees for failing to be captured in the September biometrics, saving N50.6m in the process.

Recall that the state had adopted the Integrated Payroll Payment Gateway and Human Resource Information Management System, designed to save the state from the high cost of governance thereby, reducing the incidence of ‘ghost’ workers.

Announcing this on Friday, during a joint briefing, Commissioner for Finance, Muhammad Magaji; Head of Service, Bappayo Yahaya, labour representative and G-SIPHMIS consultant, Magaji revealed that the 781 employees would not receive salaries in October.

Magaji said during the September enrolment, 27 employees were absent for data capturing in Funakaye LGA, adding that about 820 investigated in September would receive their October salaries amounting to N56.2m.

He said, “Seventeen employees have been suspended from the payroll with the sum of N495, 729 having been removed from the payroll. For Local Education Authority, 10 members of staff did not show up, amounting to N276, 514. Total enrolment suspension for Funakaye is 27 with salaries of N722, 243.

“The number of staff suspended from the payroll and will be investigated and won’t earn salaries for the month of October 322 number in secondary healthcare with salaries amounting to N36,167, 133, 51 number of staff have been suspended in Akko PHC amounting to 1,854, 649. In Billiri PHC 20 number of staff were suspended, in Dukku PHC 15 people have been suspended, in Gombe PHC 32 staff, Yalmatu Deba PHC 17 number of people, for Gombe LGA 99 number of staff, Gombe LEA 198 number were suspended.

“Total suspension due to insufficient attendance in the month of September 754 number of staff with salaries amounting to N49,908,186. Investigation in the month of September are those who will earn their salaries but will be investigated the total 820 number of staff their salaries amount to N56,254,753. Total suspension from payroll 781, salary suspended N50.6m.”

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