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Gov Badaru spends over N22 billion on water projects

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From Yaseer Abdullah , Dutse

No fewer than N22 billion have been so far spent on executing various water projects across 27 local government areas in Jigawa state.

The state commissioner of water resources Alhaji Ibrahim Garba Hannun Giwa dropped the hint while responding to journalists during a media engagement forum organised by Jigawa state correspondent chapel held at manpower development institute Dutse.

He explained that, with resumption of present administration under governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar to date various water projects executed worth to N22 billion.

According to him, six years back when the present administration came in to power only 40 percent of water schemes in the state are working.

He said, with coming of governor Badaru into power, 449 new solar schemes was provided under stowa, 15 new water schemes provided under water board and over 30,000 water hands pumps are cobstructed.

Hannun Giwa added that, about 284 water hand pump converted to solar adding by 2022 60 to 90 percent of water schemes in the state will be on solar system.

While speaking on open defication, he said, 18 out 27 local government in the state are now declared free open defication by the Unicef.

The commissioner then commended governor Badaru for this achievement adding that it was achieved because of his political will and his zeal to provide better life to his people.

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