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Gwaggo’s Pre-emptive Garo’s endorsement, re-defines her powerful influences in Ganduje’s Empire

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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By Adamu Aminu.

Nowadays, stirring the hornet’s nest in an era where actions met with instant consequences, is a daring task to many people.

But to the few, taking such courage is nothing as like sipping from the transparent cup of lemonade.

But, the First Lady of Kano state, her excellency, Dr Hafsat Ganduje is the only one which equates to spill the political beans, within a blink of an eye, without seeing this as something to write home about.

This is due not only to her calibre as a Kano governor’s wife but based on her position as the first Lady flanked by formidable influences and unopposed exclusive leverage within the governing empire of her husband, his excellency, the Kano state governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Some days ago, at a political function held at Ungogo local government area,  Dr Hafsat Umar Ganduje, mentioned her preferred choice who will potentially succeed “Khadimul Islam” chair – a kitchen cabinet commissioner who holds the state local government ministry on his palmtop.

Apart from Gwaggo as she’s been respectfully called, being powerfully influential, no one in the whole party could dare to make such a pre-emptive pronouncement unless he’s ready to sit on the powder keg.

According to her the “Commander”  Murtala Sule Garo is matchable, hardworking, youthful and also a bankable person, best suited to occupy such a prestigious position.

The pronouncement which brewed turbulent waters, raised the swirling dust and mixed reactions within the party, that sent shivers down the spine of potential governor’s chair suitors.

Nevertheless, the tension at that time was superficially doused by an impromptu press release indicating that Gwaggo’s utterances weren’t clearly understood.

But later, the boastful “Dan-Sarki” appeared in a viral video affirming the recent endorsement  made by the First Lady, Dr Hafsat Ganduje

Unknowingly to many, a majestically walking lioness never retracted her choice in the domain, which she surely knows is under the fingertips of her spousal partner – The lion.

The foregoing is a clear indication that her excellency, Dr Hafsat Abdullahi Ganduje possessed a majestic status, weaved with powerful significance immeasurably.   

She is the fountain where even party bigwigs go to be sprinkled with the water of blessings.

A dreaming of acquiring greatness in the Baba Ganduje empire usually turns to reality If exclusive homage is promptly devoted to her excellency ” Gwaggo” in return for a motherly blessing.

Undoubtedly, if Baba Ganduje is a political head leading the empire, Gwaggo is the intellectual neck which destiny of the head dictates upon and rotate smoothly.

If Governor, Baba Ganduje has a single best friend to confide with in life, his wife Dr Hafsat Umar Ganduje is second to none.

They persevere, endures, laugh and cried together.

Crossing many hurdles evades potholes, walked through the thicket and tarred path in their various journey of life, which is spanning close to half a century of matrimonial union.

Therefore, the larger than life significance given to Dr Gwaggo by her husband, Kano state governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s empire, doesn’t seem to be a surprise to the discerning minds who knows the true meaning of ‘one good turns deserve another particularly in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

To reinforce his convictions on the true meaning of love and age-long, spousal loyalty, Baba Ganduje recently made the record-breaking commissioning of a befitting official first lady office to Dr Hafsat Ganduje.

Time will only tell whether  Gwaggo’s endorsement of Garo is likely to be the choice of Ganduje. 

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