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Hardship: How yam, bought by civil servant disappears mysteriously in Kano

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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In what appears to be an apparent effect of abject poverty and hunger among Nigerians, two tubers of yam have been mysteriously missing in Fagge Local Government area of Kano state.

It is unclear how the yams got missing, but it was believed that they might be stolen by either a thief, who would sell them at a crashed price or a married man, who was lacking food to feed his family at home due to economic hardship bidevilling Nigeria.

However, the bewildering incident occurred on penultimate Saturday in Fagge, a densely populated area in Kano metropolis when one Lawan Dalha, a Federal Civil Servant, bought the two tubers of yam at N3,500 with the hope of taking it home to feed his family.

After buying the commodity, he kept it at a tailoring shop near his family house.

However, few hours after, as Dalha was preparing to go to his house, he came to pick the yam at where he kept it under a bench, but couldn’t see it.

Flabbergasted Lawan embarked on a search of his belongings but to no avail and up till the time of filing this report, the yam has not been seen and no information about how it got missing.

“I bought the two tubers of yam. I had to bargain with the seller and sold it to me at N3,500. I kept them under a bench at my brother’s tailoring shop, only to see nothing when i came to pick them for home.

” I have wondering how this incident happen. How these yams got missing mysteriously kike this for about 9 days and stilled yet to be seen?

“I actually attribute this kind of incidences to economic hardship in our country. I believe those yams were taken by a human being, a thief or a married man who wants to fend for his family.

” in this case, if whoever took these yams did so to feed his family, I have forgiven him,” Dalha said.

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