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How film career changed my Life – Amina A. Shehu

by Ibrahim Hamisu
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By Ibrahim Hamisu

She is a new star with a promising future in the Kannywood industry who works hard to achieve her goals in the industry within a very short time. From what she said, she has even started seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

During her conversation with Blueprint Newspaper, the budding star narrated that she was born in Zaria, Kaduna State and had her primary school education there.

She attended secondary school in Gusau, Zamfara State. Upon the completion of secondary school, she relocated to Kano to join the film industry.

Amina, 23 years old, said, “When I wanted to join the film industry, I travelled to Kano State. I already had some relatives there, so I went and stayed with them. Within a short time, I got access to this unique industry.

“I joined the industry in 2018, and so far, I’ve been featured in so many films. Some of them are Gidan Danja, Gidan Mato, Wata Makauniya, among others,” she added.

When asked about how she finds her current life as a film star, she said, “Well, it is something uncommon because before I joined the industry I wasn’t popular at all, but when my face began to surface in films my lifestyle suddenly changed”

“I, therefore, deemed that a film career has changed my life. Before, I find it very easy to do whatever I want to do without capturing other people’s attention, but now I have to be very careful in handling my things. Any fluff you do can easily start making headlines. The world knows you now, you, therefore, need to adjust your life” Amina disclosed

film career has also positively changed Amina’s life by fulfilling some of her dreams in business ventures.

The fame created for her has become a turning point in her business career.

According to her “I was into business before joining the film industry, but I wasn’t known then. It used to take me a long time to sell my goods after I bought them. But now that many people know me as a result of my film career, I’m getting very good patronage. It was my dream to become more famous through films so that my business will grow more.” she added.

Amina calls on all film stars to understand that there are many ways they can harness the benefits of a film career to make a positive living. “They should just use the opportunities they get through the fame from the film career to build a solid and comfortable future that’ll come after they leave the industry for marriage,” said Amina S. Shehu.

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