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I Pity APC Without A Sitting President – Ex Buhari’s Aide

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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Former Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly matters, Honourable Suleiman Abdurrahman Kawu Sumaila has cautioned the vulnerability of All Progressives Congress without a President.

Kawu’s warning came on the heels of intra party wrangling rocking the ruling party ahead the crucial general election in 2023.

The APC top notch said “we have more crises in APC, but since we have a sitting president we managed our own, I Pity APC without a sitting president”.

Sulaiman Kawu Sumaila in his verified Facebook timeline on Sunday explained that they have tasted the bitter side of opposition during the reign of PDP in the country, adding that if allowed to repeat itself would expose the party.

Kawu Sumaila, a strong voice in Kano politics wrote “‪PDP is experiencing the bitter side of the opposition which we tested for almost 16 years’.

The former minority leader at the National Assembly who was a foundation member of All Progressives Congress is believed to be nursing a senatorial ambition after a failed bid in 2019.

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