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I watched as my brother died – Dangote tells Tinubu

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has made a shocking revelation on how his brother, Sani Dangote died at his presence in Miami hospital, United States of America.

Dangote made the revelation when he received the leader of All Progress Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu on Friday, who came to Kano to condole him on the death of his brother.

Narrating how Sani Dangote, Vice President of Dangote Group died, the business mogul said the doctors treating the deceased had already told them that he was dying in an hour time.

He said it was pathetic to have been watching how Sani was dying dexpressed how pathetic it was for him as he watched his brother died while on life support machine.

Dangote narrated that he, alongside his mother and the deceased’s children were watching as the life support machine was indicating that he is dying, adding that “we were watching until the machine stopped working.”

“Having a brother like this, once you lose him it is really very painful. Because he died in front of myself, our mother and all his children.

“The most painful thing is when you are told that your brother will be passing on in about an hour and you stand by watching as the machine is going down until it stopped working. It was very tormenting” Dangote stated.

He continued;”We have always known that when there is life there is death. We as Muslims don’t know who is next and it can be today, tomorrow or even now.

“That is why it is good to be good so that when you get there you can bid for whatever you were asked to do on earth.

“Your excellency you are our host because you are the governor of all of us and we really thank you for taking almost the whole week strughling with the crowds, its not easy.

“I thank you all for all your prayers and your support. This will actually help us to reduce the pain that we are going through. It is a very tough time for us, its been very trying for especially myself, we were actually almost like bond together.

In his condolence message, Mr Tinubu stated that money cannot buy life and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

He called on the family to take heart and continue to pray for the reposed soul of late Sani Dangote.

“We are here not to just commiserate or console you, we are here together to mourn our dear brother. Sani is not yours alone, he is a Lagosian and a great Nigerian and a friend and a brother to all of us here.

“I am not a preacher, but I know what it means to suddenly lose a close relation especially a brother.

“What we have come to do is to join in prayers for you and the people of Kano state, for Nigeria and the entire family as a whole. May God give you the strength to bear the loss. Is a loss to all of us. And also grant you what you didn’t donate to, longer life, keep you in good health, keep the family in good health, give you peace of mind and the ability to accept the decree of God Almighty.

“He is the giver and he is the taker and He can do anything at any given time he chooses. With your faith and your strong capacity, we believe you will come out of it and continue to do good in his name, in your name, in the family’s name and the entire people of the country, is also a loss to all of us” Mr Tinubu stated.

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