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In Togo, MAAUN President Tasks African Private Versities, Stakeholders on Quality Education in Africa

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Musa Abdullahi Sufi, Lome, Togo, Africa.

The President and Founder of the Association of Private Universities in Africa, Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo attended the 8th Convocation of IHEARIS University, Lome Togo as a Guest Speaker. He attended the event in company of his entourage from Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) Conglomerates, Franco-British University team and delegates from Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo Foundation.

While delivering his speech, Gwarzo who is also the president and founder of MAAUN, engaged the dignitaries, students and guests during his inspiring presentation towards improving quality education and development by private universities in Africa.

Professor Gwarzo delivered a speech titled “Impact of Unionism Among African Private Universities.” He revealed the importance of the private universities in Africa in shaping the educational delivery, coordination in ensuring delivery of quality education to Africa for innovation and creativity as yardstick for the promotion and achieving sustainable development. Gwarzo made the presentation both in bilingual that is, French and English.

The Internationalization champion opened his presentation with a history of how the Association of Private Universities in Africa was founded having its headquarter in Kano State, Nigeria.

According to Prof. Gwarzo, “the Association of Private Universities of Africa was founded by a young Man from Sabon Layin Kara, Gwarzo Local Government of Kano State. He reemphasized on how The Association will help its members speak with one voice especially in addressing the challenges facing the sector across Africa and beyond”.

He gave an example of current challenges faced by Benin republic English Private Universities and the Union efforts to address the situation to help improve access to quality education for all.

As quoted “I wrote a letter to the president of Benin republic against banning Private Universities due to irregularities and got a response of acceptance to hold the meeting. In the letter, I requested for a high-level engagement and development of strategies to address numerous issues, as banning institution in UNESCO law is like killing millions of people”.

Professor Gwarzo further advises the IHERIS university as quoted “ I am advising the IHERIS university to do more and more towards sustaining English programs in Togo. Looking at the fact that University education now seems to be a huge business, as most students and parents prefers looking for universities that easily engages in the selling of certificates which is very dangerous trend in our societies today, as he said.

Prof. Gwarzo gave references to MAAUN’s track records of successes which he according to him were as a results of the university’s leadership quality, proper management, sustained innovations, commitments, prudence, consistency, hard work and accountability while doing its very best not to allow irregularities to interfere.

“That is why in West African Private Universities today, Maryam Abacha American University is a leading force to reckon with in all the ranking base on quality assurances. Equally worthy to mention is the institute reputations abroad, especially in Paris ranking where MAAUN is rated on the high amongst over 300 Universities all related to believing and focusing on quality and standard, the President said.

He further highlighted that, “Private Universities don’t need to sell certificates to make money, rather with quality standards and good learning systems, one can have more patronage of students base on credibility.

He stated that, it is sad and worrisome to be experiencing this dangerous trend of having parents and students as well collaborating in the culture of buying certificates in some of the private universities to which at the end, the student victims cannot defend the certificates. Although the irregularities can equally be found in some public universities which is becoming a general problem. That is why the union will have to work closely with the Governments at all levels to ensure all the challenges are addressed and getting rid of, He lamented.

Professor Gwarzo, called on all Private Universities including Togo to be very bold to avoid irregularities in the private university system.

He urged the graduating students to be more creative and innovative for them to be more productive in society. The key speaker Prof Gwarzo gave example about himself to inspire the students.

As quoted “I founded MAAUN at the age of 29 years old and the youngest president of a private university in all Sub Saharan Africa. Today Maryam Abacha Universities have good reputations because of quality assurance in addition to academic approvals from both the American, French, U.K Governments, United Nations etc”.

In his closing remark, the president general of the association wished the university and the students the best of luck.

Other activities that marked the day include the second presentation by Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare on the importance of youth empowerment. The event also featured entertainment, award presentations including honorary degrees, first degrees, and many classes of awards.

Earlier during the session, Dr Muhammad Adamu Wakili who is the registrar and chairman advisory council of the university (IHERIS) gave an opening remark followed by other distinguished officials. The event was held on 30th October 2021 in Togo’s national capital, Lome.

Musa Abdullahi Sufi
Wrote from Lome, Togo.

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