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Jigawa citizens can’t afford two square meal under APC govt – PDP chairman

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Yaseer Ahmad, Dutse

The ruling All Progressive Congress APC government has been accused of pushing Jigawa state citizens in to a hardship due to bad governance and lack of focus.

This accusations was made by the chairman of People Democratic Party PDP Jigawa state chapter Hon Babandi Ibrahim at a Media Engagement organized by Jigawa state Correspondent chapel held in Dutse the state capital.

The party chairman who insist that, the APC administration in Jigawa lack focus, accused government APC for using sort of lies and promises for Jigawa state people to accept them in 2015 and today the people appeared disappointed for six years now.

He noted that, the poverty level, illiteracy, disease ,child mortality, malnutrition, lack of access to agricultural inputs have keep increasing since the coming of APC in to power in the state and federal.

” To day as a result of APC bad governance most of people cannot afford two square meals in a day, while agricultural outputs has declined because pleasant farmers cannot afford to buy fertilizer and other agricultural inputs in the state ”

“We are currently working .day and nights in collaboration with good citizens of Jigawa state to ensured we cleared APC and its atrocities in 2023”

“I assured you that, with the strategy we are using now APC will not go .beyond 2023/on power in Jigawa state and Nigeria”.

He revealed that, between January of this year to date thousand of APC members had decamped to PDP across all the 27 local government in the state, this is a manifestation of dissatisfaction people have on the leadership style of the current Jigawa state government .

PDP chairman also accused APC of
a plan to aggravated the unbearable economic and living condition of common man in Nigeria through so- called.” Fuel Subsidy Removal’ described the move as inhuman and vow to resist it.

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