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Kaduna on the right track going for Shehu Sani

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By Abdulmumin Giwa

I was amazed when I read from the news that posters depicting Senator Shehu Sani for Kaduna state governor, 2023 did the round in the Eagle Square at Abuja during the recently concluded convention. This is because I thought I was the only person pushing for that at my level.

It is indeed a very good development for the people of Kaduna state to realise this early that they need to, and can save themselves from savagery and extreme capitalism, all in the name of infrastructural development being perpetrated in the state.

Logic has it that it is only genuine human development that can bring about developmental progress of a society and not through fierce imposition of policies that are not in tandem with the lives and welfare of the people, nor encourage their socioeconomic development, but rather, they institute poverty and hardship in them. Such policies are indeed too fierce and inhuman.

From how I have known Senator Shehu Sani through the media, keep aside every personal knowledge, he is indeed depicted by the media as being concerned about the socioeconomic and welfare development of the people and has proved it in many of the projects of skills acquisition and distribution of start up capitals to the public. I can’t recall the number of times I have seen these reported in the media.

More so, his respect for law and order must be commended because he was in the forefront for the fight for democracy in Nigeria and even paid the price for his sacrifice then. He is a committed Nigerian with the proven will and capacity to stand for the country, he is a patriotic citizen.

Shehu Sani has been and is still a renown rights activist that has impacted on the lives of many who he had saved from their suppressors. In this case I am a witness because I have personally helped people whose rights were violated by simply reaching out to the comrade and they were assisted.

In a situation where thousands have lost their livelihoods due to suppressive state policies, there is nothing as wise as seeking for a solution by placing the right person in charge in the affected state and going by this, indeed Shehu Sani is the right choice for Kaduna state.

This is talking about a state in which thousands have become miserable and devastated and some might have been pushed into terror related crimes like banditry and kidnapping by policies imposed on them by the state.

Thousands have lost their jobs, businesses and livelihood to the inhuman attacks they have faced from the state which has demolished their houses, and business locations. More so, many have even given up sending their children for tertiary education due to excessively expensive rates at which fees are paid in the schools. A lot of young people have been rendered hopeless, and this is a very dangerous trend for the future of the state and the nation at large.

With the state of insecurity bedeviling Kaduna state today, it will not be wrong to say that a lot of those engaging in those crimes were encouraged by the inhuman policies perpetrated by the state. This is because, it is not enough to invest funds and arms in fighting insecurity, but to invest strong and reliable human development policies that will ease life for the populace. The life and welfare of the people should be the priority of the state. This can kill insecurity beyond what the arms and funds are doing and can remove many from hopelessness to hopefulness.

Hence, it is only with people like Shehu Sani, who have proven beyond doubt to be dedicated to the people’s project that can handle the damage already done to the people of Kaduna state.

It is therefore a priority for us as people of Kaduna state, irrespective of our tribe or region, to ensure that we rally behind a leader that has the people at heart and has since set a benchmark in serving humanity, it is time to rally behind Senator Shehu Sani.

We should oppose the policy of dividing the people of the state in order to rule them and embrace the policy of uniting the people in order to develop them. For indeed, divide and rule only benefits the dictator in power whereas unity develops the people as a whole.

I congratulate the Kaduna people for Senator Shehu Sani.

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