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Kalarawi’s bold criticism of impious land infringement

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By Adamu Aminu.

The Kano based-cleric Sheikh Tijjani Bala Kalarawi was seemingly pushed to the wall to the extent of showing his other side of temperament – going boldly critic – probably from the constructive angle.

His criticism as recently aired on Kano local radio is pointed blankly to sting the sleepy consciousness of those who he called of not upholding the sanctity of worshipping domains in what he said for their indiscriminate and disproportionate land allocation for commercial purposes within the parameters of a Juma’at mosque in Kano.

The development which was seemingly informed the decision of the Kano-flamboyant Preacher to dropped his membership of Abdullahi Bayero Juma’at Mosque Trustees Committee.

Amazingly, this is an instance, a bold one, rarely seen or heard taken by any Kano clerics in recent times.

A venturesome boldness which usually emanates from daring.

But, this time around, the Kalarawi’s took the bull by the piercing point of its horns and emptied his reservations.

But, the resignation of Sheikh Tijjani Kalarawi from the committee’s membership, perceived by many as a right turn to a viable direction.

While some will perceived his clarion calls from a many-sided angle.

The board of trustees committee which was a brainchild of the late emir of Kano, Alh Ado Bayero, was entrusted with the task of managing the affairs of the spiritual edifice, which Sheikh Kalarawi was said to be among the top bonafide committee members for over a decade – but totally dismay of being circumvented in running the affairs of the Fagge Juma’at mosque.

Nevertheless, Sheikh Tijjani Kalarawi was solemnly somehow in his assertion not clear and ambiguously in stating on who is responsible for reducing the Fagge grand-mosque parameters to the commercial cubicles.

This prompted him as he said in craving the indulgences of Kano religious figures to do what’s deservedly needful to stop the land infringement of Fagge grand-Juma’at mosque.

Affirming that, every part and parcel of the scheme will not scale up the earthly tribulations.

At this point, it is stereotypically known that every regime comes with its suited peculiarities.

Kano being the second artery of Nigerian hustle and bustle of trade, will not be an exception In such instances of provision of trading development.

Even the Kofar Mata grand-eid mosque known as”Masallachin Idi” ( the sacred worshipping ground) will empirically serve as a testimony, for its land parameters being (dis) proportionately reduced and allocated for commercial purposes in the name boosting trading bustle of the state.

Well, the call made by the Sheikh Tijjani Bala Kalarawi to salvage this historical, grand-mosque premises will be seen as opinionated by some, to some is a reasonable clarion call.

Whatever the case may be, time will tell the truth.

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