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Kano State task force collaborates with federal agencies to dispose millions worth of confiscated drugs

by Hadiza Musa Yusuf
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In a significant step towards combating drug abuse and ensuring public safety, the Kano State Task Force, in collaboration with federal agencies, has successfully sealed and disposed of millions worth of confiscated drugs.

The task force revealed this on Thursday at the National drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA) headquarter in Kano.

Representing the commissioner for health, Dr. Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa, Pharmacist Hisham Imamudeen, Director General, Kano State Drugs Medical and Consumable Supply Agency (DMCSA) emphasized that the state task force, under the ministry of health, is responsible for destroying confiscated drugs that have been collected from unregistered sources engaging in adulterated, unprofessional, and expired drug activities. 

He said, “The confiscated drugs encompass various classes, including antibiotics, analgesics, and syrups for children, all of which were seized from unregistered establishments engaged in nefarious activities. 

“The state task force has been sealing these locations and storing the confiscated drugs at the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria since 2019.”

He added that the collaborative efforts of the Kano State Task Force, NDLEA, PCN, and the DMCSA demonstrate commitment to combating drug abuse and protecting public health. 

“By actively addressing the issue, we aim to create a safer and healthier environment for the residents of Kano State.”

He further revealed that the aim of the event was to enable the pharmacist council of Nigeria relocate to it permanent site at the Isiaka Rabiu Housing Estate which was given to them by the state government.

“The state government is also planning to build a  Pharma great store which will be used to keep drugs at the old site of the PCN.”

The Pharmacist advised all people involved in the retails of drugs to relocate to the new warehouse in Dan goro or leave the market.

Highlighting the dangers of harboring illicit drugs, Commander of Narcotics, NDLEA, Abubakar Idris urged all members of the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious drug-related activities to the appropriate authorities. 

He emphasized the importance of collective responsibility in ensuring the safety of society and commended the synergy and cooperation among the various agencies involved in drug control operations.

The event serves as a testament to the commitment and collaboration between the NDLEA, PCN, and other relevant agencies in their tireless pursuit of a drug-free society. 


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