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Kawu Sumiala blasted Benue state Governor, over recent attack on president Buhari

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Former Special Assistance to President Muhammadu Buhari on Assembly Matters, Hon. Abdulrahman Suleiman Kawu Sumiala has blasted Benue state Governor, Mr Samuel Ortom over his recent attacking on the president.
Hon. Kawu in a statement he issued in Kano today, said the governor was attacking the president ro cover up his failures, lamenting that “as a chief security officer of your state what did you do to stop the senseless and persistent killings of the innocent citizens in your state?
“Before you point an accusing finger at the president, you should tell us what you have done to stop the unfortunate and barbaric killings that had been going on in Platuea state under your watch.
“I am sure the people of Benue have did noted voted you into power in order waste time in criticising the president on issues that you can as well played a greater role to address.”
The former presidential aide said Nigeria is in a trying period concerning security and the killings happening in many parts of the country were condemnable.
“We are all worried about the insecurity situation we found ourselves, but we must also appreciate and support the efforts being made by Nigerian authorities to restore normalcy to the crisis prone areas.
“I was shocked when I read what Ortom said about the president. I believe it is high time to disregard politicians like Ortom, who are hiding under political identity to cover up there failures. We must summon courage to expose such politicians for people to know their true colours. Gov. Ortom has field woefully in discharging his constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and property of his people.
“There are many questions about Ortom recent comments more especially his takes on Fulani in connection with killing and destruction of properties in his state. Also, his persistent attack on president Buhari and his Government is far beyond politics.
“Nigerians should disregard the governor because he has automatically lost focus, thereby become a political liability. Instead of criticising the Buhari-led administration, Ortom should pay attention to execution of development projects for the people of Benue state.
“I challenged governor Ortom to sponsor publications of just 10 good projects completed or ongoing in Benue state that can be credited to his name. The man’s failures in his six years in office are too numerous to mention. Neither Fulani nor president Buhari that denied local governments their found to execute projects for the downtrodden in Benue state. He is making people poorer in the state,” Sumaila concluded.

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