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Labana Rice Acquires 30,000 Hectares For Rice Cultivation In Benin Republic

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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A Total of 30,000 hectares of farm land are being made available in Benin Republic for Labana Rice Mills for cultivation of rice.

In addition, before the land is sorted out, the company will finance farmers in the country through the Government to produce 20,000 metric tones of paddy Rice in 2022 dry season farming.

These resolutions were made during a joint meeting of Beninous Government’s officials with Labana Rice Mills delegation at Contonou, the Country’s capital last weekend.

The meeting with the Labana delegation led by the chairman Abubakar Abbah Adamu Aliero was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Gaston Dossouhoui.

The Minister disclosed that the decision of the government to provide the farmland to Labana Rice Mills as part of the partnership arrangement was informed by the report from the committee that visited Labana Rice Mills and Labana Rice farm in Kebbi State.

According to him, the report has convinced the government of Labana Rice Mills capacity to be a reliable partner in agriculture.

In a brief remarks, the chairman of Labana Rice Mills Abubakar Abbah Adamu Aliero expressed gratitude for the trust and confidence the government has in Labana Rice Mills and indeed the government and people of Nigeria.

He also thanked the Minister for approving the production of 20,000 metric tones of paddy Rice through the agency in 2022 dry season farming, while the 30,000 hectares are being sorted out.

At the end, the Minister directed the delegation to the headquarters of the country’s Agricultural Development Agency at Malaviel for the conclusion of the arrangement.

At Malaviel, the Director-General of the Agency Mr. Dansou worked out arrangement for the 20,000 metric tones production and provision of the farmland. Thereafter, part of the farmland to be provided to Labana Rice Mills was shown to the delegation by the Director-General at Malaviel.

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