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MAAUN President Meets European University’s Presidents on Education in Africa

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By: Musa Abdullahi Sufi,
Maradi, Niger Republic

Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo, the President and Founder of Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) Conglomerates and Franco-British International University (FBIU) is attending a 2-days Congress meeting of the Presidents of Universities Forum (PUF) holding at Bled Slovenia in the European region.

Professor Gwarzo who is also the President Association of African Private University (AAPU) is the only black African honoured to be present during this educational and strategic global IEDC Annual Presidential Forum gathering.

The presidential gathering is in respect of IEDC-Bled School of Management for celebrating its 35th year Anniversary since its establishment in 1986, whereby the school recorded more than 94,000 Managers trained under its auspices from 100 countries that have participated in the school programs.

Prof. Gwarzo had one on one with Prof. Danica Purg of IEDC Bled School of Management and two Presidents, Madam Susana Caputova – President of Slovakia and Borut Pahor President of Slovenia and other important stakeholders across Europe. Their interaction seeks to boost educational development between Europe and Africa.

The hope to achieve improvement in boosting management especially addressing educational development challenges amid and post COVID-19 pandemic impact were discussed during the gathering while the key topics for the 2-days gathering is centered around Leadership and Capitalism: New Perspectives For a Sustainable Future.

MAAUN President lamented that “In the quest of upstaging the gloomy state of our educational system in Africa – myself alongside some world leaders will work extensively towards the promotion of education in Africa”.

The MAAUN founder also said “ We are trying to leverage in every opportunity across the globe and encourage all relevant stakeholders to do the same. Through such efforts, African education can develop and compete favorably with all countries on this planet. And it is possible, it is just to ensure sustaining commitment, investing in education, inclusion and accountability at all levels”

MAAUN leader also congratulates and presented a gift to Prof. Danica Purg of IEDC Bled School of Management at 35 year’s anniversaries.

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