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Naja’atu was sacked for incompetence and being a mole – Tinubu Campaign Council

by Mustapha Salisu
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By Mustapha Salisu

The Asiwaju/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council has said it sacked Hajiya Naja’atu Mohammed from her position as Director of Civil Society Organisations due to her incompetence, quarrelsomeness and that she was actually a mole.

The campaign council held that, Naja’atu, in her pre-emptive “resignation letter” said, she was quitting party politics as the political parties have no ideological differences and her values and beliefs no longer align with party politics.

In a statement issued to PRIME TIME NEWS by the Adviser on public Affairs, Tinubu Media Office Mahmud Jega said Najaatu deceived the gullible public by claiming that she resigned. Meanwhile, her sack letter with ignominy from the campaign and the party had just arrived at her desk

Jega explained, she was uncovered to be a mole planted in their winning campaign in order to leak sensitive information to their desperate opponents.

The media adviser further disclosed that Naja’atu claimed that when she asked Asiwaju what plans he had for the North, he answered that he had none.

“This is strange and questions the integrity of the woman and her story”

“Asíwájú has  unfolded an Action  plan for the whole country, in which problems bedeviling the North got very comprehensive attention. Asiwaju also  attended the Arewa Summit last year, at which he unfolded and elaborated on these programs” Jega Stressed

Mahmud said within a day after her claim of resignation, pictures surfaced in the media showing her meeting with the PDP presidential candidate and declaring her support for him.

“We were least surprised about her dramatic exit, coming after she went  on TV to disparage our party and President Muhammadu Buhari. Only a mole could behave in such a manner” he noted

Jega however,  urged the party supporters all over the country to ignore the antics of the political soldier of fortune and concentrate on the job of delivering the Tinubu/Shettima ticket at the polls in barely a month from now.

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