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Nigeria: Cost of living stretches beyond elastic limits

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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By Adamu Aminu.

It’s not only the daily anxiety or mosquito’s buzzing that impedes the common man from having sound sleep, with two eyes closed at night.

No, is the anxiety of how to survives amidst the daily rising cost of living, which is seemingly the contributing factor that kept him awake all night long.

Undoubtedly, the minds of the majority of the populace in Nigeria are thoughtfully abstracted from the polity but fixated on how to survive by affording any type of consumables, capable of taming the waves of rumbling stomachs that happens at day or night.

For many Nigerians, affording foods of nutritional value for the family isn’t part of the daily discourse, but as of now, getting foods for survival is a major concern.

As affirmed by the former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alhaji Sabo Nanono, in an event titled ” Feed Nigeria Summit” held recently in Abuja.

He self-acknowledged that, despite the country produces enough foods, some Nigerians retired to bed with a hunger for having no money to buy enough food to eat.

There is no gainsaying that hyperinflation, widespread unemployment, and strict economic policies formulated by the federal government have immensely weakened the bases by which human survival blossomed in the nation.

This has transformed the nation into a comfort zone where the fewest run an affluent living.

While on the other side, the destitute, small and medium-income earners also, were not exempted from absorbing the harsh realities of indiscriminate price increments of foodstuff and other utilities.

Life is even becoming a rat race and tough for the poor, in which scrambling for survival Is synonymous with the self-initiated mantra “get survive by all means or die trying”

The current scenario hovering over the nation polity under the auspices of rigorous government policies paves the way for the series of protracted misfortunes bedevilling the entirety of the nation’s well-being.

Relentlessly, prayers are deservedly needed for the Supreme creator to replaces the clogs that impeded the Nigeria’s development with the cogs of peace and prosperity.

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