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Nigerians spend $1.3bn annually on perfumes ― Seinde Signature

by Safiyya Usman
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A fragrance/perfume enthusiast and expert, Mr Seinde Olusola, has said Nigerians spend about $1.3 billion annually on perfumes/ beauty and personal care products.

This is just as he warned against the use of fake perfumes which can have negative effects on the skin.

Olusola, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Seinde Signature, a Lagos-based outfit that has an exclusive franchise to over 30 artistic perfume makers, producing over 300 products, said the huge sums being spent on those items could be saved by the country with the development of the local industry.

He spoke in Lagos on activities lined up to mark the first anniversary of his perfume museum and his retail outlet.

“Artistic perfumes use more natural materials than the mainstream perfumes that are mass-produced using chemicals. Incidentally, some of the materials needed to make artistic perfumes are found here. People from across the world come to Nigeria and other African nations to get these materials.

‘Therefore as part of the activities marking our one year that we have labelled ‘Scentiversary’, we are organising a Fragrance Craft Workshop in Abuja in collaboration with Lael Perfumery Academy where not less than 30 people will be trained in the art of creating perfumes.

“Attendees will have the privilege of learning about perfumery and perfume making from our special guests who are well versed in the art of perfumery and the fragrance industry. Among the guests we have invited are Bogdan Vlad, Daniel Mark Gyimah, Daniel Josier, Glenn Davis and Joseph Alexander,” he said.

Explaining further on why perfume experts from across the world were being invited to the country, Olusola said, “Nigeria tends to have a bad reputation internationally, but brands like Seinde Signature are fostering creativity and innovation within the country and building a reputation of integrity and professionalism.”

He added that his company had signed over 15 partners across the country to help distribute their products.

He gave the assurance that products would be sold at recommended retail prices and that customers would always enjoy competitive prices on the products.

Culled from Vanguard

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