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Nzem-Berom: Sen. Gyang calls for development of Tourism in Plateau

by Mustapha Salisu
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From Tongnaan Dada Bawa, Jos

Senator representing Plateau North Istifanus Gyang has called for private sector collaboration to revamp tourism in Plateau State.

Senator Gyang who is also the Chairman Planning Committee

of the 2023 Nzem Berom disclosed this during the Be-Zere outing held on Monday at the museum in Jos as part of activitiesto mark the annual Nzem-Berom cultural festival.

In his opening  address Gyang urged the private sector to join hands with government to develop tourism in the state.

He noted that most tourism sites within the state are situated in the northern part, being his constituency and requires proper harnessing to boost the sector.

“The Nzem-Berom is a major part of the tourism potential of Plateau State and of course the Berom nation is hosting most parts of the tourism sites of the state. He explained.

” The tourism industry cannot be complete at this stage without those sites being developed, it is only then that they can attract tourists and by so doing the tourism industry will grow in the state.

“We are appealing to government and the private sector, particularly the private sector, to take up this tourism sites and develop them in such a way that they will attract tourists, not only to the state, but to Berom nation and Berom land.

Gyang who commended non-Berom participants during the event noted that their support is what unifies the state inspite of its multi-cultural backbround.

“Once again we want to sincerely appreciate all other nationalities that have come to rejoice with us, I am assuring you that every other festival in Plateau State we will be part of it.

“Because that is what makes up the richness of the people on the Plateau and across the nation.

“So, on behalf of the 2023 Nzem-Berom planning committee we welcome you to this festival village, we welcome you to La-la Berom, and to all the events of the 2023 Nzem-Berom that will be taking place here.

Similarly, while acknowledging the presence of the Gbong Gwom Jos,  Da Jacob Buba at the event,Gyang commended the Royal Father for his blessings upon his people at the start of activities to mark the 2023 festival.

While declaring the event opened the Gbong Gwom who is also the Chairman of Traditional Council prayed for blessings on his Subjects and also prayed for a successful commemoration of the 2023 Nzem Berom Festival.

In his remarks, the Curutor of National museum in Plateau Plateau State, Fadamijo Omolayo,

Commended the Berom people for sustaining their rich annual cultural festival.

He urged other ethnic groups to emulate them to promote cultural heritage in the state.

He was particularly impressed with the boy who recited a chapter of the book of Psalm in the Holy Bible in Berom language, and called on parents to encourage their children to read,and speak in their various dialects to sustain and promote their mother tongues.

Omolayo, who was excited on the  choice of the berom people using their arena in the museum, will definitely spur other ethnic groups to also  imbibe and showcase their cultural heritage to create more fun in the museum in the state.

Our correspondent reports that the Nzem-Berom is an annual cultural festival of the Berom people of Plateau, categorized mainly with several cultural displays in music, dance, arts and culture from the various parts of Berom land in the state.

Our correspondent also reports that some activities to mark the day includes a beauty Pageant, cooking competition and water fectching competition, Bible recitations in Berom language and cultural displays in music and dances.

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