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Open Letter To Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR, Governor Of Kano State

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Your Excellency, the Khadimul Islam I am prayerful that my letter reached you sound – and in still in the spirit of helping Kano state citizens to acquire good knowledge.

Your Excellency, my name is Muhammad Bashir and I am a citizen of Kano. I was born in Magashi Quarters of Gwale Local Government Kano, in the metropolis. I am a grandson to Late Malam Idi Kura, one of the rare gems that sacrificed their lives to educate people in Kano years ago.

My grandfather served as Primary Head at Kwankwaso – and I have equally taught for nearly six years at different schools in Kano, voluntarily.

Sir, may I seek your permission to remind you about Kano people’s belief in you – and their level of understanding that leading a ‘mighty’ state like Kano is not easy – because, Alhamdulillah, there’s a huge demand and expectations from the subjects on you.

We must also commend you for standing alone to get rid of illiteracy through introducing a “free and compulsory education” law in our state.

However, it is high time to call upon you to reconsider the appointment you have given Muhammad Sanusi Sa’idu Ƙiru, to serve us as education commissioner.

Your Excellency, it is luckless that Ƙiru has not been representing you, the driver of modern literate Kano, well.

Your Excellency, I do not want to inform you of what may dishearten you, but considering your commitment to make our state sound educationally, many schools across Kano are in a very sorry state – due Ƙiru’s reckless management.

Sir, I developed interest to draft and send you this letter when I read ‘serially’ about one “about to die” school at Tudun Maliki as well as many other public schools in the state.

To be honest, Your Excellency, Hon. Ƙiru has not only been unkind to to education in Kano, but also journalists – for he has pushed number of Kano journalists to the grieving wall because, Your Excellency, Ƙiru has never been a friend to pen holders like you are.

I may not wish it be happy to see Ƙiru ‘forcefully’ leaving his office, but it will make Kano citizens happy to have you address this situation and rescue the future of their wards through any possible means.

I am sending this, sir, because I am one of those ‘few’ citizens that still have positive hope in you – and want your administration to scale.

I am prayerful that my letter would be given sighting consideration.

Muhammad Bashir, Kano

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