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Open Letter To H. E President Mohammed Buhari GCFR Federal Republic Of Nigeria, By Amb. Nworisa Michael

by Salisu Hamisu Ali
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Your Excellency,

Across Nigeria today, reports of incessant killings and kidnaping are gradually becoming a norm.

There is no doubt that your administration has achieved very laudable strides to the benefits of Nigerians, but it is unfortunate that the life of some of these Nigerians are been sniffed off. The cloud has been thickened and the golden sun is unable to shine that your works may be seen by many.

Your Excellency, as the commander in chief of Armed Forces, it is quite disheartening to know that the security of our Armed men are still at stake, gallant troops killed, a Major general kidnapped and later killed. Sir, the Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) is the least place we expect this inhuman activities.

Just to quickly buttress that no one is safe until we all are safe and it is for this same reason myself and several other Nigerians are speaking up.

I believe you have made up for yourself a team to deliver your promises to Nigerians but your Excellency, never hesitate to replace any member of your team who is hindering the actualization of these goals.

Your Excellency, I will recommend that you;

1. Give keen attention on the urgent need for the creation of state police and see to its establishment, as its importance on the security of lives and property can not be over emphasized.

2. All military barracks be relocated to the forest areas as these areas now form base/recruitment locations for these armed groups.

Security is every man’s business and I believe in the Nigeria project.

©️Amb. Nworisa Michael,
ED. Stand for Peace Initiative

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